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An album review of the Unified Giants: RISE L.P.

We’ve interviewed Keishonson and now we’re back with an album review on his latest L.P.

album reviewThe sounds are fresh and yet eclectic and the vocal tracks have a street feel that tells a story of the gritty game that a lot of people are playing since the fall of the American dollar. While some new artists claim they are players the listener can feel the truth flow from this artist. One can easily understand the clear and present danger that Unified Giants presents in his philosophical outlook on making it in the present state of the music industry.

“Unified Giants” lead by west coast producer KEI-SHON-SON, use a light and tight electronic soundscape beneath the lyrical story. This presentation is different from the normal format that hip-hop artists usually prefer. This alone sets “Unified Giants” new L.P. appropriately titled “RISE” into a fresh “electro- hop” genre that never really existed before.

The stories on the “RISE” L.P. range from the hustle on the street to relationships and working towards one’s ultimate goal of success. The underlying theme is that  the odds are against you but that is no reason to give up. KEI-SHON-SON presents these daily problems as a reason to push harder and to rise above the saturated media that is the norm for the music industry and life in general. World -Wide is a reoccurring theme in some of the tracks presented as if this is a war cry, a call to album reviewaction for the fans and followers of this gifted story-teller.

While some artists may be bitter or jaded the listener can gain a positive and relaxing vibe between the extreme struggles that a lot of people are facing. “Unified Giants” are wise and experienced and walk the walk when presenting advice for others who want to live the dream. Overall this is a smooth and polished presentation and I recommend giving a little time to exploring this artist further if you enjoy rap, hip-hop and electronic styles of R&B. The entertainment value and captivating sound make it well worth the listeners’ time.

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