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Chay Crews

Hip Hop & RnB Artist Chay Crews

chay crews (4)Chay Crews has been doing music since she was a kid. She’s been recording for 13 years now and there’s nothing like it. As an artist she has learned different ways to reinvent herself. As a rapper, she can’t always sing she feels!! As a singer, Chay Crews explores her writing ability to see how far she can take it. It’s in her, and we believe it’s meant for her. Chay Crews has done many, many shows! She has been in groups, done background vocals for people, put a rap on other peoples tracks,etc.

This is not your average singer/rapper/songwriter. This lady is also a gifted actress! She has been in many plays and even wrote 5 plays herself! She has even had the chance to open up for Destiny’s Child! If you’re looking for a singer, rapper, or an actress don’t look any further.You never know what to expect from this super threat!! It won’t be long now before the world knows SHE’S THAT CHICK CHAYCREWS!!!!!!!!!

Like most artists, Chay Crews started in church choirs, talents shows, plays and more. Anything that had anything to do with the arts she was for!! Chay Crews didn’t decide what genre to go in, she’s an artist and thinks it’s bogus to say, “I’m a singer or no I’m a rapper, how about I’m both!!” She can’t always sing what she wants to say, and can’t always rap about something so personal to her that requires vocals in a heart felt way, that’s real talk.

She’s a go-getter that doesn’t mind going for what she feels is hers! Get to know Chay Crews and you will see why the World needs to know why She’s That Chick Chay Crews! Grinding is her medicine! The only way you can take this crazy music game is if you are an addict, I guess she’s guilty!


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