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One man had a vision and a mission; “To be an all inclusive Entertainment Company, providing a high quality of service.” Dubb Spot Records is a blessing for local artists and musicians, giving them an avenue to channel their creativity and talent. The company consists of a multifunctional record label, which branches off into areas such as: Artist Development, Management, and Production. The production team provides a variety of services in itself, including: vocal recording, mastering, mixing, editing, songwriting, and much more. Dubb Spot Records provides the foundation for every piece of work that stems from the musical aspect of the company. Dubb Spot Records is fully self sustaining; all graphic design, websites, photo shoots, videos, production, and mastering are done in house.

The next line of defense is the multitalented artist alumni, with a wide variety of music genres in their arsenal. From rap to rock, hip hop to R&B; Dubb Spot Records is a breath of fresh air to the industry, amidst cookie cutting, force fed musical fads and underground riff raff plaguing today’s music. With unquestionable quality, the standards of music within Dubb Spot Records catalogue makes it definitively the birth place of the next big thing in the tri-state area.

Dubb Spot Records will diligently seek out the best producers and instrumentalist, and then team them with the finest singers, rappers, and lyricists to birth an unbelievable representation of the talent within Dubb Spot Records. Dubb Spot Records, has proven to be a strong company, with strong people, who love what they do and believe in the accomplishments of their company and artists. They are a company who has reached out to provide undiscovered talent the resources to achieve their goals. Dubb Spot Records is not just a cutting edge company; they are a family with open arms.

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