Black Kadafi: Dubb Spot Records Distributed and Published. ASCAP Registered

The artist of Do 4 $elf Records
Is 31 years old from the Southside of Chicago. A rap artist that loves to write and be creative. He started writing and performing at the age of 13. In order to learn the ropes, for 3 years he attended Columbia College with a focus in Music Business. School taught him a lot, but there is nothing like hands on experience.

In 1999, Black Kadafi joined S.A.W Soidierz At War, a group well known for wearing orange and black colors and their hardcore military style. Together, their album sold more than 100,000 copies on the streest and in stores in Chi town alone. Together, they dropped 4 albums featuring Artists’ such as Chuck “D” of Public Enemy and Big Ed (RIP) of No Limit Records, both featured on their debut album.


Other talented artist from the Chi that featured on their second album included Do or Die, Crucial Conflict, Triple Darkness, Newsence of Psychodrama, and so many others. They even had a Soldierz At War store on the Westside of Chicago for many years where they helped to promote not just their own music but other local Artists as well.

In 2002, for both business/personal reasons Black Kadafi decided to explore the idea of being a solo artist. With the ups and downs of life, it has been a while but he’s back. With the knowledge of the past and promise of the future, he has once again began to write lyrics and tie them to hot tracks. As 2007 comes to an end, once known and recognized as Black Majik, he has now taken on the name “Black Kadafi.” Now, signed to Do 4 $elf Records and distributed and published by Dubb Spot Records, he represents himself and whomever else supports him. His moto is “DO 4 SELF”.





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