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Dubb Spot Records Distributed Blackheart SiN

In short, Blackheart SiN is what the rap game is missing. He is the ideal combination of struggle, truth, and strength culminated into emcee form. Choosing to speak for the masses, keeping a grip on reality, as opposed to joining the ranks of the over abundance of “aspiration rappers” saturating the rap scene has been a major factor in the development of Blackheart SiN the artist. His ability to maintain lyrical integrity while still remaining relevant has catapulted him into the hearts of his fans. It’s clear it’s B.H.’s time to conquer a world larger than the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY he hails from.

The diversity displayed in the penning of Blackheart SiN’s debut album “Sorry To Keep You Waiting…” paint a clear picture of the duality of man. Blackheart SiN is a soldier, as unfolded in the anthems “Come & Get Me”, “I’m Around” & “Hold That”. His alter ego “B.H. SiNtiago” is a self-assured ladies’ man/man’s man (no homo), which is made clear in his bangers “Stay Up On My Fresh” & “So Special”. At other times, he shows that he has an introspective deep side, which shines through in tracks such as “If I Never…”, “Little Girl” & “Duets with Drama”. Overall, the album is filled with heater after heater ranging in themes from the streets, to deep, to club/radio joints to utterly genius insanity.

B.H. has already performed live at venues along the East Coast, including Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey & of course New York. He is currently booking more dates across the country. He also looks forward to travelling internationally to perform & promote his music.

He’s also beginning to gain a presence with internet radio, with many stations/radio shows in the U.S., U.K. & Germany adding Blackheart SiN music & videos to their rotations, as well as various radio/club D.J.’s showing him love. things are starting to move for Blackheart SiN & he has no intention of slowing down. For more info on B.H., visit www.BlackheartSiN.com & for bookings/features, email: BlackheartSiNMusic@gmail.com.






WEBSITE: www.BlackheartSiN.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/BlackheartSiNMusic
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/BLACKHEARTSiN
YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/BlackheartSiN
BOOKINGS: BlackheartSiNMusic@gmail.com





Come & Get Me by Blackheart SiN by DubbSpotRecords


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