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is a 24-year-old solo Artist with a Classic Rock sound like Led Zeppelin, Alternative Rock sound like Foo Fighters is an all around guitar virtuosos. Claudio Minotti is a guitarist/composer from Treviso, Italy. He started out in music by taking drum lessons at the age of 9 for about 4 years before switching to guitar around 2000. In 2001 he formed his first band “Orion’s Belt”, a heavy rock band which mainly played original songs and lasted only a couple of years.

He then joined some other bands in the area and played quite a few live shows in the North-East of Italy between 2003 and 2006. After moving to Ottawa, Canada in 2007, he decided to go solo and started working on new songs for his first solo album “Passage To Dawn” which was ready by Christmas by 2008.He wrote the lyrics and the music for the whole album, recorded all the guitar and bass parts and arranged  the tracks. He hired a singer, a keyboardist and a drummer to record all the other remaining instruments.Minotti2

The album had been played in some local radios in Italy, Canada and U.S. and some gigs were booked in Spring and Summer 2009 to support the record. In late 2009 came out his second solo record, “Tales From The Abyss”, a darker album than its predecessor but still in the realm of melodic rock.After some shows and festivals near the Ottawa area in summer 2010, he decided to take a  temporary break from his solo activity and form a couple of new band projects in different musical directions.

In summer 2011 he moved back to Italy and he’s now in the process of writing new songs for a possible future brand new solo release. Claudio Minotti’s music can be described as a fusion of old school rock and modern pop rock, with some alternative and even classical influences.His musical background is very eclectic and includes classical music like Tchaikovskyj, guitar virtuosos like Yngwie Malmsteen, alternative rock bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters, and classic rock bands like AC/DC, Rainbow and Led Zeppelin.




  1. Alex aka DJ Louis

    September 29, 2011 (14:38) Reply


    greetings from Germany, a great artist. I love the song Princess of Gold.

    Yours sincerly,

    Alex aka DJ Louis
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