Born in Huntington NY to a classically trained Opera and Christian recording artist mother from Queens and a Father from Brooklyn. E. B. Skylla’s life started off like an L.L. Cool J song. Due to her Father’s work they were transferred to the Northern Virginia area when E. B. Skylla was 3 years old. Raised in the sticks of Warrenton VA she often traveled back to NY to visit her family.

During those long trips, listening to the radio always had this little girl grooving to Aretha, Patty, L.L. Cool J, Run DMC, you name em she liked em. Singing along on the trips her Mom realized hey my kid sings better then I do and where did she learn how to do the blues shouting? E. B. Skylla was instantly put into voice lessons and her journey began.Now many years later she finds herself doing studio vocals for local songwriters using her voice to market their songs to major labels on the east and west coast. E. B. Skylla used this time to sharpen her skills and versatility singing Pop, R&B, Rock, and Blues.

It’s time for E. B. Skylla to step out from behind the mic and let her voice and journey be heard through her lyrics and dynamic voice. Now under the roster of Dubb Spot Records, E. B. Skylla is currently in the studio working on new tracks for release. With a clear mind and a burning desire to get put on the scene, E. B. Skylla is destined for stardom and with her musical goals, the sky is the limit.



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