New Changes To Our Radio Station WDSR Yall Betta Recognize Radio

We took a poll on what you wanted to hear on our radio station and we listened!

Our new format is indie music streaming with the majors on this radio station.

WDSR Yall Betta Recognize Radio will still be bringing some of the HOTTEST indie tracks on our radio station. We’re just mixing it up a little bit to give our listeners, artists and fans a better experience. That experience is having our playlist a combination of Indie & Major recording artists tracks. Most of the major artist’s tracks you will hear are tracks that haven’t even hit the digital or physical stores yet. So why the change you ask?  We sent out a poll to over 500 people who are avid listeners and fans of WDSR and you all wanted a constant mix of indie & major artists music. This is our way of letting you know that we do listen here on our radio station. We listen and will do whatever it takes for you to tune in more to our radio station. You voiced your opinion and now it’s arrived. The NEW WDSR Yall Betta Recognize Radio.

Well What About All Of The Indie Tracks That You Use To Play?

Oh don’t worry we are still playing those HOT tracks during our popular radio shows “It’s A Hit or Toss That Shit” and “The Golden Era: Back In The Crates” on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9pm EST. However you can inquire about having your music stream right along with the majors by contacting B M DuBB @ So calm your nerves, it’s still Indie Love around these parts. That will never change. As stated earlier, we sent out a poll and this is what you asked for. We heard you, we got you and we’re here to stay.

Lock It In To Our Radio Station, WDSR Yall Betta Recognize Radio Today for the NEW experience!!!


  1. stan alston

    July 16, 2012 (23:49) Reply

    Hello and thank for this opportunity of musical submission. Much success in all that you do.

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