Datpiff Mixtape Promotion


DatPiff Mixtape Promotion

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With this DatPiff mixtape promotion you will receive 3000 Quality Datpiff views, 750 streams and tweet about your datpiff mixtape to ours and partner’s Twitters with 300,000+ followers and 10,000+ Facebook fans to help out with the promotion. All tweets are linked to a Myspace account with over 48,000+ friends, a Linkedin account, a Tumbler profile and a Reverbnation account. 750 Quality streams are better than 5000 supplied by a bot which we do not use. It’s not effective anyway using bots. All accounts are followed by many industry professionals willing to listen to new artists. You owe this to yourself for working so hard on getting your mixtape released. If your tracks beats are original this datpiff mixtape promotion can also be used for bragging rights if you decide to also release the music for digital distribution.

When releasing music you have to be able to separate you and your music from the others. With so many ways to promote music online, one doesn’t usually know where to begin. Some options are valid and others are to take advantage of indie artists. That is not our intention with this offer. We are here to help aid in the advancement of indie music. Datpiff is a very valuable website and they also have different options for mixtape promotion. I seriously doubt that you will find one at the same cost as this offer. And the good thing is this price will never change. So as you are working on your next project to be uploaded for exposure, consider Dubb Spot Records to help you get the streams and views you will need to bring more awareness to your music. If you find a better datpiff mixtape promotion than ours, let us know and we’ll do our best to not only beat that offer but also make it much more worthwhile when considering us.

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