Dubb Spot Records & Dubb Spot Media was in the building

where a lot of artist performed for the 15th volume of Welcome 2 The Court by Billy Lyve.

A ton of artists performed at this event and the place was packed with a lot of talent. There were two areas where the artists performed on stage. Needless to say that if you wanted to perform, it was definitely the place to be. The artists performed at the infamous Club Sonar located in the heart of Baltimore City. This venue has a lot of artists that have performed there in all different genres. One artist that we were particularly interested in that performed at Club Sonar was Spallden Nterprize’s Jay Brookz www.dubbspotrecords.com/b-m-dubb/dubb-spot-artist/spallden-nterprize/jay-brookz.

The Dubb Cam was rolling and the Spallden Nterprize family that performed was of course Jay Brookz, Mic Ruckazz and Sixx Hunnit. Mic Ruckazz held it down hyping Jay Brookz’s performance while Sixx Hunnit ended it by blasting them with a straight of the dome freestyle to end the performance. Jay Brookz performed three of the locals favorites which were Hateration, Yah Boys and Everybody Loves Me. And guess what? We caught all of it live and will be bringing it straight to you.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see how Jay Brookz gets down when he performs. Don’t worry we got you covered and you’ll get to witness how the whole Spallden Nterprize performed during Welcome 2 The Court Vol. 15.

A little history on Jay Brookz

Jay Brookz was born John Brooks on August 26,1977 and grew up Northwest Baltimore Maryland. He lived most his life in the Park Heights area. Influenced by the styles of Run DMC, John began, at the age of 11, rapping and dancing where he performed with his cousin Marlon Jones better known to the world as Mic Ruckazz. During this time John performed in talent showcases where he performed throughout the Baltimore area. In 1995 as John and his cousin lost contact due to both relocating, John continued practicing his rapping and became one of Baltimore’s best battle rappers.

Linking up with another of his relatives, John had become a member of the group The Murderous Mercenarys and performed under the name J Quest and started recording with them. As time went on, three years later John ran across his cousin Marlon and was asked to perform in his talent showcase and if he wins, he would be signed to Skull Mountain Entertainment. Two weeks later John performed at the showcase and won. He was signed to Skull Mountain where he performed under the alias Megatron, one third of the Notorious Bloodhoundz.

While performing throughout the DMV area, John performed and was featured on the Bfiles, an underground TV network. He even put out his first cd with the Bloodhoundz and rocked the mic when he performed in the Philadelphia area. After five years with Skull Mountain as Megatron and the disbanding of the Bloodhoundz, John changed his stage name to distinguish himself from other artists with similar names, he decided to use his government name with a little twist, and performed as Jay Brookz. He then connected with a long-time friend and fellow entertainer to form the group Dying Breed in 2005, which was under Sik Entertainment. After recording and performing with Dying Breed he landed a deal with Spallden Nterprize in 2010 and released his first solo mixtape Amerikkkaz Nightmare.

Jay Brookz Performed 3 Hits Yah Boys, Hateration & Everybody Loves Me.

Check out the video below!



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