Our Digital Distribution Spans Over 350+ Digital

Outlets In 240 Countries Across The World

Unlike other digital distribution deals, we charge a flat rate at time of signing.

There are no other fees after signing with our digital distribution. Release as many singles or albums as you want within a three-year period.

Most digital distribution providers charge you a fee for each release of a single or and album. With Dubb Spot Records’ digital distribution deals, you can release as many single, albums, videos and ringtones as you want within a three-year period. It also comes with marketing and promotion of the music released. Take advantage of our music widgets and artist EPKs. All of our EPKs are search engine optimized to get you the best exposure as an indie artist. You are also included in all Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, etc. marketing that we do for the artists that are under our digital distribution. And we are easily accessible to you if you have any questions about anything.

In Asia it’s a known fact that nearly 85% of all music obtained from there is through digital outlets. Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to reach markets that you would not be able to reach by signing a digital distribution deal with those other guys? The farther the reach, the better the chance to sell your digital music. You want to get your music in front of the most people possible in order to be successful with digital sales. Not only is it singles or albums, it’s music videos too. Imagine people across the globe listening to your music. The digital age is where it’s at these days with your music. Don’t become an indie artist left behind still trying to peddle cds out of the trunk of your car.

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