B. M. DuBB, CEO and Owner of Dubb Spot Media, is a Director / Videographer / Graphics Artist with full SD Camera packages. His work experience includes: documentaries, commercials, music video productions, local network broadcasts, live performance events, and bloopers. His equipment experience includes: steadicam and hand held cameras. B. M. DuBB also specializes in high end graphics and animations and storytelling with images. As a Director, B. M. DuBB works closely with his customers and to understand and creatively communicate their message to the target audience.

Some of B. M. DuBB’s projects can be viewed below. As a result of his commitment to his work and his passion for creativity for over five years; B. M. DuBB has worked on several projects within the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. If you are in need of any video services, you can send a request through our contact page. 

Some of the events and projects he has worked on include:


Fusion Sundays

Wordplay Fridays

Terra Cafe Comedy Night

BiPolar Music Video

Ya Boyz Music Video

Sheisty Music Video

Lovefest Documentary

25 Yrs. To The B.C.C.G.N. Documentary




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