Maryland Videographer

All Videos Were Filmed, Directed, Edited and Produced By

Maryland Videographer B. M. DuBB, CEO Of Dubb Spot Media

© Copyright 2007 – 2012

Maryland Videographer,

B. M. DuBB is the owner and operator of Dubb Spot Media, a subsidiary of Dubb Spot Records. Already known for a popular TV show called TheShowTV, B. M. DuBB has extensive knowledge in various types of videography. TheShowTV was shot within a local TV station studio and all editing was done offsite. The main purpose of the show was to help local music artists get exposure within their area. Each artist was scheduled to come in and perform in front of a blue screen, on stage, and each performance was turned into a chromakey music video. These videos included looping backgrounds, images and animations created to match the performance. Maryland videographer B. M. DuBB did most of his work using Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects. Various things were incorporated into this TV show such as Dubb Spot Records having local shows in the DMV area and using the video in upcoming episodes, an annual event LoveFest filmed and music videos of local artists.

All aspects of video can be handled by Maryland videographer B. M. DuBB. He’s done music videos unlike anyone else does in the area. These aren’t just the typical hood videos that youtube is constantly filled with. These are videos that are heavily filled with exciting opening graphics, animations and motion graphics. The exciting thing about these videos are they are never created using storyboards. When B. M. DuBB is called upon to shoot a video, he’s visually able to come up with a storyboard within his mind. His inspiration comes from the content or subject matter of the song being used in the video. I guess you can call it on-the-fly videography. Not only does this Maryland videographer do music videos but also commercials, documentaries, tribute videos and he also films live events. B. M. DuBB has been documenting video from their annual LoveFest event for the last 5 years and will be releasing a video/cd documentary about this annual event created by good friend Mark Jones, co-coordinator Johnny C and himself.  Every video that you will see below was filmed edited and produced by Maryland videographer B. M. DuBB. For more information on pricing to obtain some of B. M. DuBB’s work please use our contact form on this site. For pricing please go to the following page.



ABomb by Mic Ruckazz

Absoloot Performing Live @ Club Sonar – Baltimore, Md.

I’m Here feat. Mic Ruckazz by Eaze

Lay’em Down by Sixx Hunnit

6FT – 7FT Remix feat. Sixx, Dynasty, Eaze, Mic Ruckazz and Hosted by Jay Brookz

410 Massacre by Jay Brookz feat. Mic Ruckazz/6 ft. – 7 ft. by Jay Brookz

Law Of The Few Record Pool – DC

Body Ur Self by Mic Ruckazz


L-Boogie @ Blue Line Productions



Ridin’ Wit My Niggaz by Blackbyrd Ent.



The Boogie Spot March 28, 2011


L-Boogie “Strings Dream” Red Carpet



Hate-a-Ration by Jay Brookz



BiPolar by Mic Ruckazz


Sheisty by Mic Ruckazz

Yah Boyz by Jay Brookz



Free aka Yvette Benjamin & Ayanna

Live @ Fusion Sundays

Naomi Rose Live @ Fusion Sundays

Ghetto High Class by Cold Case

Radio Personality L-Boogie – The Boogie Spot

TheShowTV – Episode 6

All Videos Were Created by Maryland Videographer B. M. DuBB for Dubb Spot Media.

Maryland Videographer


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