Do You Blaze The Tracks And Bring Them Heaters Back?

How About The Sickest Flow And You’re Letting Everybody Know?

Maybe That Swag That Other Rappers Wish They Had?



Dubb Spot

Submit Your Tracks Or Links Today To Be A Part Of DSR Compilation Volume 1 – Club Bangers.

“Dubb Spot Records Compilation Volume 1 – Club Bangers”

A First Of Many Volumes Of Genres To Come!!!

All Hosted By Some Of The Sickest DJs Around!!!

This Release Will Be Promoted, Distributed & Marketed in 240 Different Countries and 350 + Digital Outlets.


Rules To The Game:

Must Be Registered With A Performance Rights Organization – ASCAP preferably (you want to be paid right?)

A “Rights Of Use” Agreement Must Be Signed

All Submitted Tracks Must Be Sample – Free And Original (if samples exist, clearance proof is req’d)

Final Tracks Must Be Mixed & Mastered (or of high cd quality)

You Must Own The Whole Track Free And Clear. If Not Both Composer (producer) & Songwriter Gets Credit

If You Need ASCAP Registration We Offer That Service Right Here

For More Details Or To Submit Your Links/Tracks Hit Us Up @





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