ArmahHailing from the Eastern Shore of Maryland with deep roots in both Cambridge and Salisbury Maryland, Armah Ogund’e has a true meaning of the genre R & B Soul. With his second album, “Healing Process” to be released in the last quarter of 2011, Dubb Spot Records was honored to have the opportunity to talk to Armah Ogund’e as our Featured Artist Of The Week.

Armah Ogund’e indulged us with his experiences as an R & B Artist from the Eastorn Shore, musical giants that he was inspired by and a long list of where his music can be found in several digital stores online.

DSR: How old were you when you developed an interest in music? 

AO: My love and passion for music actually developed at an early age. I was about 3 years old when it really caught my attention. I use to sneak and listen to my mother’s 45inch records. I use to take some of them and go play them on my peter cotton tail record player. Back then the substance of music was pure and heartfelt with such a good feel to it.   

DSR: So you’re from the Salisbury Maryland area. How is it to be an r & b artist on the eastern shore of Maryland?

AO: Well I was born and raised in Cambridge, Maryland but my bloodline comes from Salisbury, Maryland. My father is originally from the Salisbury area so I represent both areas to be honest. My mother is from Cambridge and my father is from Salisbury. As far a being an r & b artist in my area, I would say it’s a challenge. So much hidden talent resides here on the shore. You have to really make yourself stand out in whatever craft you choose. You have to display creativity and originality for people to take to you. Believe or not, people here on the shore are tougher than the Apollo crowd when they want to be. We respect real music and if your not putting it out you don’t get any attention.

DSR: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it before?

AO: I would say my sound give off a seductive vibe with lush melodies. Easy on the ears with the lyrics I choose to display for my listeners. My music is people friendly, it helps some get through certain situations or it just makes you feel good when you listen to it.

DSR: What influences shaped your musical style?

AO: I’m an inspired writer so my influence would have to be life. Personal experience helps me create my heartfelt music for my listeners. I can’t record a song without it being able to reach someone at some point of there life.   

DSR: If you had to put yourself into a genre or create your own, what would it be called?

AO: If I could create my own genre of music, I would have to label it “Healing Soul Music”.

DSR: Who is in charge of writing the songs? Where do you draw your inspiration?

AO: I actually write my own songs when I create my music. Inspiration comes from past or present events that take place in my life. That allows me to share some of the same experiences with my listeners in which they can relate.

DSR: So, we all know you’re a singer, but you’re also a songwriter. What’s the easiest kind of song for you to write?

AO: My easiest songs to construct would be love songs. My specialty falls in the relationship department. I have had a great deal of experience in good and bad relationships. I also played both sides from the cheater to being cheated on. So I think that qualifies me to do so.  

DSR: What is your main goal at this point? Where do you possibly see yourself 5-10 years from now?

AO: Well, my main goal right now is to help encourage people through my music to simply bring back the love in our relationships. A lot of people are together these days just to say they have someone, that’s the wrong reason to be with someone. So my goal is to rebuild relationships with good music with substance. Within the next 5-10 years I see myself actually working with other artist helping them to brand their name in the industry. That’s what I’m actually in College for now. I’m seeking my Bachelors in the Music Business.

DSR: Tell us about the musical giants who profoundly inspired you, such as Marvin Gaye, Steve Wonder (the Black artist awarded the most Grammys), and Michael Jackson.

AO: Well most of my favorites came and went to soon well before their time. I look up to artist such as Donny Hathaway, Otis Redding & Sam Cook they always had something to say in their music. Their music had meat in it the music wasn’t watered down. They gave you their all when they brought it to the listeners. If they felt pain in a song so did the listener, if they felt joy so did anyone who played their music. Music like that is my inspiration.   

DSR: Are there any artists you wish to work with in the future?

AO: Well I’m open to working with anyone who can appreciate real music. As long as the song has substance within the lyrics and the sound is soulful I’m open to network.

DSR: If you could create your dream tour, who would be a part of it?

AO: Lyfe Jennings, Anthony Hamilton, Musiq Soulchild & Tank 

DSR: Have you learned any lessons so far and if so, what are they?

AO: I have learned a lot in my past years of experience. I have went through different sets of management and I’ve learn that your greatest investment is ones self. You have to invest in yourself. Never put your life in someone else’s hands, become partner or handle your own business. I also learned that everyone who poses to be your friend in this business will be far and few. A good friend told me a long time ago to always keep my eyes open and treat everyone the same. But the same friend also said with your kindness people will take for a joke so let your work ethic show strength.

DSR: Are you working on any projects at the moment?

AO: I’m currently working on my second album “Healing Process” due to release the fourth quarter of this year produced by Keith Johnson of FOTL Productions. It will be released under New Struggle Muzik Group/MG Records/Island Def Jam Digital Distribution. mg

DSR: Where can we find your music? Online and offline?

AO: Right now I have my music all over the place. You actually can find everything on my Personal Website

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Coast2Coast Mixtape Artist Site:









My Online Store






DSR: We ask all the artists we interview, what’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given to you?

AO: “The greatest investment comes from something you believe in, believe in yourself enough to invest time and money into making your dreams come true.” I would also like to thank you guys for having me come by your site. {Armah Ogund’e} New Struggle Muzik Group/MG Records/ASCAP URBAN



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