Reggae Duo JoeHero and Nina Interviews With Dubb Spot

The Reggae Duo Comes With Experience and Talent!

Check Out The Interview We Had With Reggae Artists JoeHero and Nina.


ReggaeDSR: Welcome Joe Hero and Nina! Let the people know where you are from.

J&N: Hi! We are from Gambia and Germany.

DSR: After reading your bio, you two went solo from a great band in which you were two front-runners. How has the transition been?

J&N: Nice! Although we have learned a lot during our time in Africa and playing with the band, it is much easier to play as a duo. Before we had to organize everything for the band and make sure that every member had an instrument and showed up for training and the shows, that’s Africa!

DSR: Do you feel that going solo has given you more of any outlet with the creative abilities?

J&N: Definitely. Before when we were composing songs we always thought of the band members who would end up playing them live, and that could only be Reggae. Now that we compose, produce, and record ourselves and for our own albums, we are able to merge our different backgrounds much better and let more of our individual characters and styles come though.

DSR: What have you learned from making this type of transition?

J&N: You almost have to start from scratch again! Looking at promotion and the like, and letting the fans know. Especially the media in Gambia, as they were all interested in what happened and we were even called for a press conference to discuss the matter with local journalists.

DSR: Do you feel it that it will be easier to persevere being a duo act now?

J&N: Yes, since we are a couple we know we can count on each other no matter what, and we respect each others artistic backgrounds. That way we can get a really unique sound!

DSR: The music that you two make is it a 50-50 collaborative effort or you each create your music separately at times?

J&N: Sometimes we write a song together from scratch, but most of the time we complement each others tracks!

DSR: Now that you two are both in Germany doing music, how has the music scene accepted you in that area?

J&N: We just moved to Berlin last month, so we are still getting to know the scene. We have already made contacts with some Gambian artists and some Reggae folks at Yaam, a really great chill out place in Berlin. We are setting up to play live now to promote the new album ‘Voice To Follow’ in the German Reggae scene.

DSR: Do you feel like the duo experience creates the notion that you have to start all over or did you just pick right up where you left at?

J&N: Yeah, we kind of had to get the fans to realize that we are only a duo now, that the band times really are over and not just on hold. In Gambia we were able to get the message out pretty quickly since journalists already reported on us and we went on TV and gave some interviews. But online it took a while, but we think people are coming around. We are getting a lot of positive feedback now, so we are happy!

DSR: What other talents do you two possess as the newest reggae power couple?

J&N: That is a nice way to describe us, thank you! With the help of one Nigerian producer we really composed, recorded, mixed and mastered the entire album ourselves in Africa, and we shoot and edit all of our videos ourselves. We are on a tight budget after having toured Gambia, but we believe our talent to produce an album and videos ourselves is appreciated by our fans. A lot of them struggle to get things going in their lives too, so we think they can relate to us very well.

DSR: At this point, what do you think is the one most important thing that you need to do to help enhance your music careers? Reggae Artists

J&N: Definitely get some gigs in Berlin, and hopefully get a team of supporters behind us to take it to the next level at some point.

DSR: Now that you are a duo, are there any chances that you will also start doing music in different genres?

J&N: Yes, we are able to get our own voices heard much better now. JoeHero for example loves Reggae and Country music, and Nina usually sings Jazz and alternative pop, so we blend everything together!

DSR: Are you working on any projects at the moment?

J&N: We just released our debut album ‘Voice To Follow’ and we are collaborating on some tracks with Jamaican and Gambian artists. We are also working with a few producers from the UK, which we are very excited about. Yes, we got a lot of projects in the making!

DSR: Where can we find your music? Online and offline?

J&N: The album was released online and can be purchased at most stores online, such as I-tunes, Amazon…


DSR: What advice can you give to upcoming artists that have to make certain life choices as you did when it comes to music?

J&N: If you know what you want to achieve just go for it, and get rid of negative people trying to hold you back. Believe in yourself and your music and one day others will too!

DSR: We ask all the artists we interview, what’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given to you?

J&N: Be patient!

Thank you JoeHero and Nina! It’s always a pleasure to interview talented indie artists. Keep pushing for excellence!

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