Music Promotion & Digital Distribution Services

Want your music to get noticed? We can help! We can distribute your music, videos and compilations into a multitude of digital retailers; iTunes, Napster, AmazonMP3, ZUNE, & Rhapsody are just a couple of the online retailers that will be selling your music.  Here’s how our FREE music distribution and marketing service works:

  • Your music released in 350+ digital stores worldwide!
  • Your music sold as a ring tones
  • You receive 70% of royalties from the sale of your sound recordings and music videos, 60% of compilations and even 50% sync licensing opportunities!
  • Free Statements. We always provide statements to detail your sales with each payment.
  • Free barcodes and ISRCs
  • Royalty payments and statements sent out semi-annually


  • FREE artist/band profile page on Dubb Spot Records (if requested) to showcase and promote your music and videos.
  • FREE marketing tools and promotion of your music on internet radio, social networking sites, podcasts, and blogs!
  • Minimal Setup Fee of $50.00 (Payment is due before any setups occur, if your music is accepted)
  • No Maintenance Fees
  • No Recurring Fees After The Setup Fee!!! No Fees To Release Singles or Albums!!!

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Digital Distribution

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sell my music on digital music stores?

Selling your music on digital music stores is both a new way to expose your music to a wider worldwide audience of music lovers and a new source of income. In 2007, 25% of all albums sold worldwide (whether in digital format or in CD format) were sold on digital music services. Becoming an artist distributed by Dubb Spot provides the possibility of generating more than 50% of your income from digital sales!
For albums no longer available on CD, digital distribution can be a significant new source of income. Digital distribution is also an excellent way of attracting the attention of the media, managers, record label professionals, particularly for up and coming artists.

Where Will My Music Be Sold?

We distribute your music into a multitude of digital retailers; iTunes, Napster, AmazonMP3, Juno, & Rhapsody are just a couple of the online retailers that will be selling your music. We service over 350+ mp3 retailers worldwide including the following stores.

digital distribution

Do you guys Release Physical CD’s?

We do not release physical CD’s for physical distribution in retail stores. However, we work with many physical distributors, and if you are looking for one, we are in a position to recommend one to you: a number of music professionals we work with (distributors, record labels, managers…) are looking out for new talent.

When and How Do The Bands Get Paid?

We pay our bands semi-annually second  and fourth quarter (April, October) for the royalties earned at that point once you have met the withdraw minimum.  We will email you statements to prove your digital sales and mail you checks or paypal.

Do I Have To Pay A Setup Fee?

Yes there is a setup fee. And then you have nothing to pay: all of the digitalization, encoding and distribution costs are paid for by Dubb Spot! Dubb Spot receives a percentage of the sales generated by your albums. As our income is totally linked to your success, we do our best to increase your music sales.

To receive a contract proposal, simply contact one of Dubb Spot’s A&R managers by registering on our website (without any commitment on your part). If we’re interested in distributing your music, we will contact you and send you a contract proposal.

How Long Will It Take For My Music To Be Available For Download?

We can not start digital distribution of your music until we have received a signed contract from you. Once we have received the contract, your wav files, a visual and the album related information, the digitalization and the delivery to the various services takes about 48 hours. It can then take between 2 and 8 weeks for your music to be available for sale. Some digital distribution music stores are faster than others.

What If My Band Gets Signed To a Label?

If that label does not deal with digital distribution, we will continue to distribute your music. However, if the label does, we will work with that label to transfer over the distribution rights. Your interest is ours: to make sure that you find the best strategy and the best partner to maximize the exposure of your talent. In such cases, we come to an agreement with the record label to compensate Dubb Spot for our digital distribution development work.

What Will You Do For My Band?

Because of our commitment: a dedicated music A&R professional at your service who will work with you to build the appropriate digital development strategy for your music. All of Dubb Spot’s A&R music professionals have a solid experience in record labels & major companies and a strong knowledge of the digital distribution world. That is our difference and our commitment to you.

As a philosophy, we prefer to have control over our own technology and digital distribution network. Not relying on any third party allows us to digitalize and put your albums online rapidly. That way we can recommend them directly and efficiently to our partner’s editorial teams in order to ensure promotion and optimize exposure.

Digital distribution music services work with a limited number of partners and generally refuse to distribute up and coming artists or small record labels due to lack of time and volume. Dubb Spot offers you a real « one stop solution » for digital distribution and promotion – allowing you to focus on creation!

Our goal is to make sure that you succeed. We will do everything possible to help you market your music.  Sound recordings and music videos will be exploited by Digital Distribution, via the creation and development of online and wireless tools and applications to facilitate the promotion of recording artists and opportunities for the use of sound recordings in films, television programs and advertisements.

Why do I need a barcode?

All digital stores use barcodes to track sales.  No worry we provide those for free as well as free ISRCs.

How long does my digital distribution contract last?

The contract lasts for 36 months.  That gives us ample time to get everything in all stores, promote and market effectively and create various opportunities.  If you wish to renew your contract at the end of 36 months you do not have to do anything.  It will automatically renew for another 12 months.  If you wish to cancel simply let us know and it will be done.

Can I release a single with you, or do you only do albums and EP’s?

You can release singles or whole CD’s (compilations) and music videos. We consider everything an album; a single is just an album with 1 song. We would submit it the same way as an album.

How do you promote my music?

Your A&R manager at Dubb Spot will build a digital distribution strategy with you. It is very important that you keep him informed of all your own tour dates, press promotional coverage… The more we know about your music, the better we can promote it! We will then use all the information you provide us with to find the right promotional opportunities for your music.

Your A&R manager will coordinate with our international promotion team to coordinate local or worldwide promotions.

How much do I get paid for royalties?

We pay you 70% of royalties received from the sale of your sound recordings and music videos. 60% on the sale of your compilations and 50% on sync licensing opportunities. This is how we can offer our service for absolutely no fee whatsoever. We only make money if you do. We spend a lot of money getting your music encoded properly for digital retailers. We also spend a lot of money on marketing services and promotion fees. Out of our cut, only about 10% is actual profit for us. The rest goes towards getting your music in front of as many ears as possible. We know you would rather make 70% royalties and sell thousands of copies than make 100% and possibly only sell a few copies. That is why we are able to provide this service at no cost to you whatsoever.

Do I have to pay for royalty statements like other distributors?

No. Our statements are always free. We automatically issue them with each payment. We do not agree with making you pay to see where your sales are coming from.

Does Dubb Spot accept any kind of music? Do you accept all applications or do you select artists you work with?

We distribute all kinds of music from hip hop music to heavy metal. Each of our A&R managers is specialized in a couple of music genres so that we can be efficient with any kind of music.

Every single application we receive will be reviewed by one of our A&R managers. Unfortunately, taking into account a possibility of a high number of requests that will be received and our wish to thoroughly deal with each project that we accept, we may refuse some projects.

Unfortunately, we are unable to listen to all CDs and applications received by regular mail. If you want to make sure that your music is heard by one of our A&R managers, complete the registration form on our website : all applications are systematically read and listened to.

I already distribute some of my music directly with specific stores. Would Dubb Spot accept to distribute my music anyway?

It is possible to exclude selected services from your contract with Dubb Spot. In such a case, we will handle services for which you do not already have an existing agreement.

What is digital distribution?

It is the digital distribution of music in a digital format. We make your song available for purchase in digital retail stores.

Why Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

We hate these things just as much as you do. Unfortunately, the stores require us to obtain contracts from all of the bands we distribute. This also covers all of the parties involved. The agreement is found during the submission process.

Am I Signing The Copyrights Over To You?

No! You retain all rights to your music. The only thing you sign to us is the rights to distribute your music in digital format. We are only interested in the digital distribution of your music.

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