Grab Hip Hop’s Blackheart SiN in Stores Today!

Straight Out Of Flatbush, Brooklyn This Brotha Understands Real Hip Hop!

Sixteen (16) Hip Hop BANGERS Straight Like That. Just For You! Peep The PROMO!!!

Blackheart SiN is a beast when it comes to the lyrics. You can hear it all through this release. It’s hip hop at its best. Unfortunately peeps be sleeping on the man and his skills. Is it because hip hop isn’t so hip hop anymore? Are we living in a hip pop World now? Well when it comes to kicking out rhymes like this brotha does, you definitely know it’s not hip pop. These are real live street stories, struggles of growing up and only real music peeps in this environment can relate to. Not studio created, gangster-want-to-be lyrics. Dude has lived the life and has the ability to recite all of it in raw hip hop form.

This isn’t your standard run of the mill puppet perpetrated lyrics. This is real hip hop music that tells stories. All jumbled together and spit so effortlessly through this whole sixteen track album. So if you are tired of listening to that watered down, imitation version of hip hop, keep listening to terrestrial radio. When you decide you’ve had enough, jump on over to iTunes or Amazon and pick up Sorry To Keep You Waiting by Blackheart SiN. A true hip hop artist.


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