WDSR RadioAlbum submitted: Hiroshima

Artist: Yooda

Reviewed by: B. M. DuBB – A&R for Dubb Spot Records

Date: June 17, 2016

Hiroshima by Yooda - Album ReviewHiroshima is a great body of work from the independent artist Yooda. I had the pleasure of listening and giving my honest feedback on the 15 track release Hiroshima, which consists of some nice bangers and some off the hook skits.

First of all let me just say that I didn’t expect anything less from Yooda. Every time he drops he comes hard. His music is always full of that Miami signature sound and you can expect Yooda to lock himself to the beat regardless of the style. And let’s not even talk about the beat selection. Why do you think every release is hard as they are? It’s the beat selection! It’s obvious that this is something that he’s not new to but definitely something he’s true to. Don’t get it twisted though, Yooda can bang you in the head with many different types of flows which was also proven in this release. If it’s something that he needs to get off of his chest you best believe there’s a strong chance that you will hear it in his music. Don’t believe it? Peep out the first release from Hiroshima, Ain’t Worried Bout You or the track Claim That. Get the message? I thought so!

Overall I have no problems with this release with the exception of one track, Fuckin Mind. The shorty on the hook kind of took away from the track as the vocal delivery wasn’t that strong. However Yooda handled his delivery as he always does. But you have to also consider that this is an independent release so there is always room for improvement. It’s definitely not a deal breaker and doesn’t affect my opinion of this being good music. That still applies! Yooda

So if you want to go for that lyrical ride I suggest you strap on your seatbelt for that Enola Gay as well and throw Hiroshima in your iPod playlist. The skits are on point and the music does not disappoint. My top three tracks off of this release is Ain’t Worried Bout You, 8655 and Claim That. Don’t sleep on that Gebaku feat. Ced Wynez either.

This release is Dubb Spot stamped and as I suggested before, make sure you get at this release as soon as it drops. Yooda, I salute you Fam. Good work!

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  1. Ced Wynez

    June 20, 2016 (14:42) Reply

    We bring that official sound of Junkyard with this project. Salute

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