Hold On Baby – Mic a.k.a. Microphone

Hold On Baby - Mic a.k.a. MicrophoneSOUNDCLOUD

Michael McClelland, professionally known as Microphone, grew up in Freeport, Long Island. He grew up in a single-parent home, got into trouble and was even expelled from college. These struggles led him to explore the art of rapping with his friends in 2009. Soon after, it became his passion and he decided to pursue it professionally. Using music as an outlet was a blessing for him, because he was able to express his feelings/views in his rhymes.
Microphone dreamt about being in the music industry and standing on the shoulders of past and present lyricists. Many artists are talented, but Microphone is gifted.

Through his influences and accomplishments, he has learned so much more about style and creativity, while excelling and progressing his writing skills and rhyming technique. His dream is what he’s been chasing and believes he will accomplish it by being the Voice for the Voiceless. He uses music to grow by expressing his pain, love and many other types of emotions. Microphone is also releasing 3 consecutive mixed tapes in 3 volumes, of NU ERA while at the same time in the studio making an album. NU ERA Vol.1 (Microism) hosted by DJ Voltron (Defender of Hip Hop), NU ERA Vol. 2 (The Warm Up) is being hosted by DJ Big Mike, Vol. 3 (The Workout) hosted by various MC’s and DJ’s. It’s NU ERA so be on the lookout for him, because he’s coming to bring back good music with feelings and will soon enough climb the charts.


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