We’re Talking To Indie Artist Abrasive B Today!

Abrasive B Is An Indie Artist from Brooklyn Park, MN

Let’s Check Out How An Indie Artist Gets Down From His Area!


Indie ArtistDSR: Welcome Abrasive B! Let the people know where you are from.

AbrasiveB: Brooklyn Park MN

DSR: What Is The Significance Of Your Name?

AbrasiveB: It describes my personality in real life Abrasive is rough aggressive and just overall it goes with the hype of my sound.

DSR: How old were you when you developed an interest in music?

AbrasiveB: I was the age 13 when I developed interest in music.

DSR: Have you learned any lessons so far and if so, what are they?

AbrasiveB: Keep a small circle and have no friends in this business.

DSR: After reading your bio, it seems as if you stayed on a constant grind and was determined to get your music in front of everyone you could. Can you speak on how you managed to handle all of that as an indie artist?

AbrasiveB: I managed by trying keep making time for everything by multitasking. I am a small Independent label and I do good managing everything myself just by never giving up.

DSR: Sometimes it can be hard trying to attract the type of attention you’d want to from your fan base. How would you feel as an indie artist, about putting out a lot of money and not seeing any of it come back in from a failed promoting attempt?

AbrasiveB: I understand that every investment will not always come out with results, it’s about taking chances and this has happen to me already so I know that you have to keep trying and not giving up making good decisions.

DSR: And with perseverance you will manage to come through it all! Where can the people find you performing these days?

AbrasiveB: Catch me performing at local venues in Minneapolis, Charlotte, and next month starting a college tour nationwide.

DSR: How would you describe your sound to someone or another indie artist that has never heard it before?

AbrasiveB: I would say it’s like a Mild LL Cool J, with a Rated R Will Smith spiced with a little Ludacris haha

DSR: Who is in charge of writing the songs? Where do you draw your inspiration from as an indie artist?

AbrasiveB: I am in charge with all my writing. I draw my inspiration through God and Jesus Christ.

DSR: As an indie artist, if you had to put yourself into a genre or create your own, what would it be called?

AbrasiveB: I would call it Abrasive.

DSR: Are you working on any projects at the moment?

AbrasiveB: No because I just finished my 3rd Studio Album “The Cause n Effect” so I am focusing on promo for the album and shows.Indie artist

DSR: Where can we find your music? Online and offline?

AbrasiveB: Both but majority online stores distribution ITunes, Rhapsody, google music, last.fm, amazon, Spotify, Xbox music, and plenty more.

DSR: If you can change one thing about the music industry that would help an indie artist what would it be and why?

AbrasiveB: If I could change one thing about the industry I would get rid of executives or who they are who allows such raggedy music to be played. I would make sure music is about being yourself rather than what you have. Oh yea I would ban the overall used phrase swag lol

DSR: What other talents do you possess as an indie artist?

AbrasiveB: I love to cook and I love to act as well. These are two of my hobbies in enjoy when I have time.

DSR: We ask all the artists we interview, what’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given to you as an indie artist?

AbrasiveB: Never give up, because it’s not how you start but how you finish.

Thanks Abrasive B! It’s Always nice to interview an up and coming indie artist!


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