Indie Artist NatStar Is A Multi-talented Artist

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He’s An Indie Artist That Has A Lot of Respect For Those That Paved The Way!

Let’s Check Out What The Indie Artist NatStar Has For Us Today!


indie artistDSR: How old were you when you developed an interest in making music/beats?

Natstar: 11 years old

DSR: What formed your love of music in your head and inspired you to start making beats?

Natstar: I fell in love with hiphop after listening to “nothin but a G thang” by Dr Dre. I was so intrigued by his production that I wanted to learn how to do what he did.

DSR: Let’s get to know a little more about you and how you grew up. What was it like in your hometown? What kind of kid were you?

Natstar: I was raised in Winston-Salem NC. Simple town, pretty slow but fun at the time. I was a good kid who loved to play basketball, chase girls and make music lol.

DSR: So let’s talk about your beats. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it before?

Natstar: My beats are diverse. I don’t have one specific sound because I like to try a lot of different feels. For the most part though you’ll hear live instruments in whatever I make so it’ll have somewhat of a soulful feel.

DSR: What is the significance of your name?

Natstar: NatStar = Natural Star 🙂

DSR: There’s a part of the industry that irks me the most, where talented indie artist gets overlooked because they don’t fit a mold. How frustrating is that for you, if people seem to think that you don’t have that sound for radio?

Natstar: I concur. I get that a lot because I rap and sing so ppl usually wanna know “what am I? Rapper, singer, or producer..” I’m an artist. Period

DSR: What do you think needs to be brought to music in this decade and how do you plan to add to that?

Natstar: Just substance. Music is in a good state I just would like to hear more substance. We as artists have the influence to make an impact on people who go through things or just want to feel like someone relates to them..

DSR: What do you think of the beats used in tracks that came out in the last decade?

Natstar: Dope! A lot of dope producers in the past few years. Much respect.

DSR: How would you rate your beat-making skills when compared to other beats heard on the radio?

Natstar: Right there with them if not better. Again, there are some dope producers out now. I feel I can separate myself a tad because I’m a musician also.

DSR: Have you learned any lessons so far and if so, what are they?indie

Natstar: Absolutely. Grind hard with no expectations. Your reward will come when it’s time.

DSR: Are you working on any new projects with an indie artist or have any projects that you are promoting right now?

Natstar: My album “Dreamer”. Get it now on iTunes.

DSR: Have you entered any beat competitions and won?

Natstar: Nah

DSR: Where can we find your beats online?

DSR: We ask everyone that we interview, what’s the best piece of advice that someone has ever given to you?

Natstar: Follow your heart & live your life as you see fit. It’s your life.

DSR: Is there anything else that you would like to include in closing of this interview?

Natstar: Follow me on twitter @natsocold ,

NatStar it’s a pleasure talking to an indie artist that knows where they are heading!


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