Dubb Spot Records Songwriting Competition

The Dubb Spot Records Songwriting Competition will be held twice a year.

It’s a song competition to give recognition to some of the best emerging songwriters in the World.

Our mission is to help develop your talent, and provide you with promotion and exposure to help with your success as an Indie artist.

So how does it all work right? Take a look at the details below:

  • Download the instrumental provided by Dubb Spot Records.
  • Fill out the contact form so we know you are interested in competing in our competition.
  • Familiarize yourself with the structure of the instrumental.
  • Write to the instrumental.
  • Record to the instrumental “Very Important” (remember to keep your files for each recorded track. These files will be used to mix and master your vocals if you win the competition).
  • Send your completed track to bmdubb@dubbspotrecords.com as an mp3. If you win you’ll need to send all files as a “wav” via an online upload server like yousendit, megauploader, dropbox, etc.

Solo artist and groups can submit to the competition in the following genres:

  • Rhythm & Blues (solo artist and groups accepted)
  • Neo-Soul (can be a mixture of a vocalist and poet/spoken word artist)
  • Hip Hop Soul (Vocalist & Rapper)

How it’s judged?

  • All entries remain absolutely anonymous to the public to make it fair.
  • Recording quality is not judged in this competition. It’s all about the songwriting strength of each contestant.
  • Songs are judged based on originality, lyrics and delivery.

The Dubb Spot Records Songwriting Competition Begins on Oct. 07, 2011. All Entries Are Due No Later Than 12:00 Midnight of Nov. 11, 2011.

So it’s best to download the instrumental today to get started!!!

Get Started Now!!!

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Artist/Group Must Subscribe To Download The Instrumental

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Download the songwriting instrumental here

Rules For Songwriting Competition

1. Dubb Spot Records accepts entries from all countries of the world. At the current time however, Dubb Spot Records can only accept songs whose lyrics are submitted in the English language.

2. Contestants must be at least 18 years of age. Each song submitted must be contestant’s original lyrics. Songs may not exceed four (4) minutes in length. Songs may have multiple co-writers, but please designate one name as the primary contact on your contact information. Contestant must submit only one song using the downloaded beat produced by Dubb Spot Records. Genres accepted are R & B, Neo-Soul or Hip Hop Soul (meaning vocalist and rapper). There is no entrance fee associated with this competition. Only online sign-ups made through the Dubb Spot Records website will be accepted. Entry forms will not be accepted my mail. Dubb Spot Records is not responsible for faulty file uploads accompanying online entries. All song entries must be emailed by midnight, EST, on the closing date for that given contest.
3. Entrant retains all ownership rights to their lyrics in all submitted songs. Dubb Spot Records will be noted as the composer of the track and the winner noted as songwriter when titles are registered with ASCAP. Dubb Spot Records is an ASCAP music publisher.
4. Contest is open to amateur songwriters and professional songwriters who (on their honor) have earned less than $10,000 during their career from songwriting royalties (this does not include cd sales of their own independent releases OR payments for any type of live performance OR winnings from other contests). Employees of Dubb Spot Records, their families, subsidiaries, and affiliates are not eligible.
5. Prizes for contest are as follows: The Dubb Spot Records Songwriting Competition will award One (1) First Place winner that will receive over $500 of value in services. The winner will receive the following:

  • Free mix and master of the winning contest track.

  • Free registration with ASCAP as a songwriter (if not already registered).

  • A single song publishing deal with Dubb Spot Record’s music publishing company.

  • Distribution including marketing and promotion of the winning contest track.

  • Radio blast of the winning contest track to over 1500 BDS radio stations.

  • Free radio rotation on Dubb Spot Record’s, Yall Betta Recognize radio show which streams worldwide on FM radio in Germany.

  • Live interview on Dubb Spot Record’s, Yall Betta Recognize radio show.

  • Free Artist interview on Dubb Spot Records website.

In addition, the winner will be featured on the front page of the Dubb Spot Records website. There will be no transfer and substitution of prizes that will be awarded. All winners agree to release Dubb Spot Records from all liability regarding prizes won. Dubb Spot Records will conduct a contest twice a year. However, prize packages, prize levels, and number of winners for future contests are subject to change for future contests.

6. Winners will be chosen by a select panel of judges comprised of noted songwriters, producers, and music industry professionals. Songs will be judged based on lyrics, originality and phrasing. The quality of performance and production will not be considered. Prizes will be awarded to the author of the song. Acceptance of prizes is the responsibility of the winner.
7. Winner Announcements: Winners for the Dubb Spot Records songwriting competition will be contacted within 2-3 weeks of the closing date of the contest and posted on dubbspotrecords.com website within a week of this notification. For more information contact bmdubb@dubbspotrecords.com
8. Dubb Spot Records reserves the right to extend contest period dates for any given contest to insure a competitive pool of entries. Contest period not to exceed 12 months.


  1. Paula

    December 18, 2011 (12:45) Reply

    I wasn’t aware. 🙁

    :)) when will be the next contest??

    • bmdubb

      December 19, 2011 (17:28) Reply

      Now that you are registered with our website, you’ll be the first to know.

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