Jay Brookz Has A Live Performance

Coming Up On Jan. 19, 2012

live performance

If you’ve never seen Jay Brookz’s live performance, not video but a live performance, this is your opportunity to take advantage of this brothas talent!

Friday January 19, 2012 you’ll have the opportunity to see Jay Brookz in rare form on stage during his live performance.

Some artists talk about how they killed their live performance on stage but Jay Brookz really kills it. It’s like something just takes over his body and escalates him into a whole different plateau during his live performance. When he had a live performance in Philly he killed it, another performance in NY at the TopMics Tour he killed it and at various other venues where you can catch a live performance up and down the mid-atlantic coast. Now you get to witness Jay Brookz’s live performance in Baltimore on January 19, 2012.

Jay Brookz will be performing some of his and your favorite live performance hits like Yah Boyz, Hateration and Everybody Loves Me. Everybody Loves Me is currently available at all digital outlets. And keep and eye out for his live performance in his next video release for Everybody Loves Me. We can go on and on about Jay Brookz’ and his work ethic during a live performance but we won’t. We’ll provide you with a link to check out some of them for yourself along with his music. Jay Brookz’s EPK link is full of him doing a live performance in Philly, twice in NY at two different venues, music videos, and tracks which can be viewed here http://dubbspotrecords.com/b-m-dubb/dubb-spot-artist/spallden-nterprize/jay-brookz.

Ok so let’s move onto Jay Brookz’s live performance information. He’ll be performing at Vol. 15 of the “Welcome 2 The Court” networking and concert series. All live performances will start at 10:00 pm and doors open at 9:00 pm. There will be a live performance from some of the hottest indie artists in the DMV area. If you are familiar with Club Sonar you already know that you can catch a live performance there a lot throughout the month. But this post is specifically about the live performance of Spallden Nterprize’s Jay Brookz which is going down on January 19, 2012 at 9:00 pm. Shouts goes out to each and every artist that has a live performance scheduled for “Welcome 2 the Court Vol. 15” on January 19, 2012.

Jay Brookz “Officially Here” widget highlights live performance videos, track snippets and information.

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Welcome 2 the Court Vol. 15

Vol. 15

Make sure you pick up your tickets today to witness the next live performance of Spallden Nterprize’s Jay Brookz in Baltimore, Md.


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