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These prices are unheard of! If you are an artist trying to get your CD or single ready for iTunes, radio or label submissions you’ve just stumbled onto the PERFECT opportunity. We are cutting prices that is literally unheard of when comparing pricing to quality. That’s right were cutting prices on our mixing and mastering prices. You may be asking, “how come so cheap, is the quality the same?” We’ve always been and will remain to be a 100% supporter of this Indie movement. We understand the REAL meaning of starving artists and we’re trying to make things as easy as possible for you. We’d much rather hear high QUALITY music from artists instead of low quality due to not having the appropriate budget to pay for quality mastering or mixing. The PRICES are diminished but that doesn’t mean that the quality is degraded in any way. SAME QUALITY, LOWER PRICES! If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity you are literally losing your mind. The same quality tracks at these type of prices? Who Does That? We do here at Dubb Spot Records and you can take advantage of it today. If you don’t believe that our prices are slashed look at our original prices here. We know we’ve kept you in enough suspense and you want to know the reduced pricing right? Okay, okay, no more suspense. Scroll below to see our price SLASHES!

Mixing And Mastering Price Slashes

Mastering of a FULL Track Including All Audio Channels Including Mix-Down.

This includes the mixing and mastering of your full session including all of the audio channels. You’ll need to provide us with each tracked out sound at a decibel of no higher than -6db. If your tracks are distorted we will not be able to make them sound high quality. What will happen is the distortion will be enhanced once mastered and you don’t want that and neither do we. So make sure you only submit tracks that are at a -6db level. You want a quality sound right? If you don’t know what we mean, please contact us first before purchasing this opportunity. Also make sure that there are absolutely no effects at all on any of the tracks. We need them dry. That means no eq, no compression, no NOTHING! We want to make this as easy as possible for the both of us! All files need to be a minimum of 256 kbps wav, aiff or mp3.

** IMPORTANT ** Please contact us about your project before purchasing.

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Mastering of Already Mixed-Down Tracks

For all tracks it includes the mastering of a track that you send us that is already mixed down and ready to go. Again your track must be dry, meaning no eq, compression, no type of effects at all. All tracks must be sent at a decibel of -6db and must be a very clean mix. Make sure all of the sounds in your tracks within the mix are tonal balanced and are accenting one another. Which means you can hear every sound without the next one drowning out the other. If your track is not mixed down good the master will enhance every flaw within the mix. We are not responsible for the sound of your existing mix. If you can’t mix it down right, take advantage of our mixing and mastering special above or order our mixing and mastering tutorial here. Please remember that mixing and mastering is not the same. These prices are for mastering only. All tracks must be a minimum of 256 kbps wav, aiff or mp3.





** IMPORTANT ** Please contact us about your project before purchasing.

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If you are a Recording or Mastering Studio and you are overloaded with work and can’t catch up, we will take on your projects for the same prices outlined above. Please make sure that the files are sent as suggested or we cannot help you with your projects. Just to stress it one more time, here are the requirements when considering having us mixing and mastering your tracks.

Only send wav, aiff or mp3 no less than 256 kbps

Only send tracks that do NOT have any effects at all including eq, compression, etc.

Only send tracks that are tonal balanced and/or mixed very well. (If not order the mixing and mastering special).

For any inquiries about our mixing and mastering special please contact us at sales@dubbspotrecords.com or 443-864-7679.




  1. Ayizan sanon

    September 17, 2012 (16:49) Reply

    Hi, r u do in,i have some sons to mastering

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