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Hiroshima by Yooda

WDSR RadioAlbum submitted: Hiroshima

Artist: Yooda

Reviewed by: B. M. DuBB – A&R for Dubb Spot Records

Date: June 17, 2016

Hiroshima by Yooda - Album ReviewHiroshima is a great body of work from the independent artist Yooda. I had the pleasure of listening and giving my honest feedback on the 15 track release Hiroshima, which consists of some nice bangers and some off the hook skits.

First of all let me just say that I didn’t expect anything less from Yooda. Every time he drops he comes hard. His music is always full of that Miami signature sound and you can expect Yooda to lock himself to the beat regardless of the style. And let’s not even talk about the beat selection. Why do you think every release is hard as they are? It’s the beat selection! It’s obvious that this is something that he’s not new to but definitely something he’s true to. Don’t get it twisted though, Yooda can bang you in the head with many different types of flows which was also proven in this release. If it’s something that he needs to get off of his chest you best believe there’s a strong chance that you will hear it in his music. Don’t believe it? Peep out the first release from Hiroshima, Ain’t Worried Bout You or the track Claim That. Get the message? I thought so!

Overall I have no problems with this release with the exception of one track, Fuckin Mind. The shorty on the hook kind of took away from the track as the vocal delivery wasn’t that strong. However Yooda handled his delivery as he always does. But you have to also consider that this is an independent release so there is always room for improvement. It’s definitely not a deal breaker and doesn’t affect my opinion of this being good music. That still applies! Yooda

So if you want to go for that lyrical ride I suggest you strap on your seatbelt for that Enola Gay as well and throw Hiroshima in your iPod playlist. The skits are on point and the music does not disappoint. My top three tracks off of this release is Ain’t Worried Bout You, 8655 and Claim That. Don’t sleep on that Gebaku feat. Ced Wynez either.

This release is Dubb Spot stamped and as I suggested before, make sure you get at this release as soon as it drops. Yooda, I salute you Fam. Good work!

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Duke – Trap Alive

Duke - Trap AliveMy name is Corey Miles Brown, I am the artist DUKE, I producer music over social media I want my music to make a different on Social Media, I know I only have one mix tape “Trap Alive, it a different because I producer the mix tape to all most every social media web site.

“Why, it was the only way I had out the system where you have to work for everything you own in life. I first start on the DC public library computer where I look up everything about become a music artist. Then I seen that I need to promote me music, I had no money to pay for the service from a producer. I look up how I become a producer then I start to producer my music I had no money outside the money my family give me, I used the money to promote my music on social media.

I have earned feature for a post on the web site that show artist work of their music. I have One Thousand plus, features & radio play’s also blog’s for promotions, feature on different mix tapes whit other artist whit all type of music genres of Hip Hop, Rap, R&B & instrumentals “Social media web site”. Haven played on international internet Radio stations, Great British, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Nigeria Africa, Africa, and South Africa. Czech Republic. I also use the different “Social media web site” to promote my music like Twitter, Facebook, Sound cloud, Coast2Coast, Spin up, Reverb nation. I know to be a tip-top producer I have to make all my promotions excellent.

I look up to Jay-Z as a role model in life because I seen that if you take care of yourself and handle your business and be a success in the music business.

Album title: Trap Alive Duke - Trap Alive
Artist: Duke
Music Producer: Corey Miles Brown
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dukehov
Sound cloud: https://soundcloud.com/dukehov




WDSR Radio MC Pollock IgnoVa Interview

WDSR Radio MC Pollock IgnoVa Interview

WDSR Radio MC Pollock IgnoVa InterviewWDSR Radio: Welcome M.C. Pollock and IgnoVa! Let the people know where you are from.

M.C. Pollock: IgnoVa and I are from NJ. We mostly operate throughout the Tri-state area.

WDSR Radio: I noticed that you are a singer/songwriter that is also holding down a music distribution company. Tell us about that.

M.C. Pollock: Absolutely. Keep It Swanky.LLC is essentially my own personal music machine. I write, produce, mix, and promote my own music.  I embody the art I create. I also have distribution affiliates who distribute my music non-exclusively.

WDSR Radio: Do you feel that being a solo artist gives you more of an outlet with your creative abilities than being with groups?

IgnoVa: Chyea, being a solo artist is essential. Every bit of my input is shown from start to finish of the song. However never underestimate the input of others. I am a firm believer in listening to your elders and peers.
M.C. Pollock: Having worked with a lot of artists, being solo is critical. A wise man once said let the baker bake the bread. That being said, it’s been exciting to work with another motivated solo artist like IgnoVa. When two inspired heads come together, great things happen.

WDSR Radio: Seeing as though you run your own distribution, what are the steps you take when it comes to promoting a new project?

M.C. Pollock: Honestly I just try to reach as many people as possible. IgnoVa and I work hard everyday.
IgnoVa: Whatever it takes for potential new listeners.

WDSR Radio: I’m sure you share in knowing that the internet is a great avenue of getting the word out? Do you also manage your own internet presence?

M.C. Pollock: Nope.
IgnoVa: Nah, that’s what the team’s for!

Check out M.C. Pollock feat. IgnoVa latest video Thousand Times!

WDSR Radio: So we’ve had the pleasure of checking out Thousand Times feat. IgnoVa. And it’s fair to say that you produce IgnoVa?

M.C. Pollock: [Laughter] IgnoVa and I work on a regular basis.

WDSR Radio: So how does the tri-state area accept the music of M.C. Pollock and the artists worked with?

M.C. Pollock: Great! We’ve had nothing but exceptional reception. People seem to be Keeping It Swanky. WDSR Radio MC Pollock IgnoVa Interview
IgnoVa: With open arms, and my feelings, vice versa.

WDSR Radio: How often do you start projects to make available for your fans?

M.C. Pollock: We FINISH projects ASAP to reach as many of our fans as possible.
IgnoVa: Chyea yea! What he said…

WDSR Radio: What type of online buzz are you experiencing at the moment with your music?

IgnoVa: My notifications have really been through the roof, which lets me know the buzz is growing. Deeply thankful.
M.C. Pollock: Ditto. Views are increasing, we’re touching more and more people.

WDSR Radio: I see you like to dabble in different genres. What’s your favorite and why?

IgnoVa: Hip Hop all day everyday. I live, sleep, eat, and breathe hip hop. This sh** is the PASSION. As far as other genres, I have the utmost respect.
M.C. Pollock: Honestly, I’m a Pop artist. To be a Pop musician means to embody multiple genres. So as far as I’m concerned, all types of music are swank. But on the real, House, Garage, electronic, and classic Pop music are my faves.

WDSR Radio: Where can we find you doing live shows?

IgnoVa: At this point, from the tip of Connecticut to the bottom of Delaware.
M.C. Pollock: Wherever you need me! For right now, Tri-state and Maryland were most recent.

WDSR Radio: Where can we find your music? Online and offline?   

WDSR Radio MC Pollock IgnoVa InterviewIgnoVa: @DREAMSATWRK, http://facebook.com/therealignova, http://youtube.com/therealignova, http://soundcloud.com/ignova. http://Keeppositivespirit.com on the way.
M.C. Pollock: @mc_pollock, http://facebook.com/officialmcpollock, http://www.mc-pollock.com. Keep It Swanky FAM!

WDSR Radio: What advice can you give to upcoming artists that want to get involved in music?

IgnoVa: Keep hope alive. Keep positiveSpirit.
M.C. Pollock: Be yourself. Keep It Swanky.

WDSR Radio: We ask all the artists we interview, what’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given to you?

IgnoVa: Believe in yourself and absorb all criticism.
M.C. Pollock: The world is full of lazy geniuses. Keep It Swanky.

Thanks guys it is always a pleasure to interview such talented artists! Well there you have it WDSR Radio MC Pollock IgnoVa Interview.

WDSR Radio – YnGun Interview

WDSR Radio – YnGun Interview

WDSR Radio - YnGun InterviewWDSR: Welcome YnGun! Let the people know where you are from.

YnGun: I’m From Columbia, South Carolina and I live in a historic black neighborhood called Dutch Fork.

WDSR: That lay it down video is hot! How hard was it, if at all to make that all come together?

YnGun: Because I have put in the time as an artist grinding I got a lot of people that support me and willing to do their part to help me get to the next level. The relationships and chemistry I build with people is crazy, always good positive vibes.

WDSR: In your bio it mentions you coming from rough streets of South Carolina. Elaborate on that a little.

YnGun: Even though its a city, Columbia is very small, everybody knows everybody, and econonmics have always  hit the black community and youth hard. So like a lot of city’s and town’s nowadays, mix hopelessness with no money, and you get violence and despair. Country boys grew up with guns, so gunplay is so much easier to get involved with in the south, its part of the culture.

WDSR: Now that your music is getting that buzz, what did you have to learn and how much interaction did it take to start learning to put songs together?

YnGun: I Had To Learn Everything About This Music Business from the inside out, trial and error and YEARS of learning, and interacting with people in the industry, picking up game along the way. I learned the key is good product first off, second is consistency and timing, putting classic music out that stands the test of time, and not just ‘fad’ music.

WDSR: I see you dropped that Pioneer, your second album. How fun was that, making it all come together?

YnGun: That Pioneer Album Was An Emotional Roller Coaster For Me I Went Through Alot Of Trials And Tribulations Putting That Album Together. I’m Not Going To Say It Wasn’t Fun But It Was A Challenge Having To Balance My Personal Life And My Career At The Same Time But Prayer And The Love Of Music Made It All Come Together For Me.

WDSR: So what’s been the hardest in staying consistent in this game? How are you moving within it?

YnGun: The Hardest Thing For Me Is Creating My Own Budgets Being Independent With My Own Label With No Major Backing And No Machine Behind Me It Gets Rough But One Thing About This Music Game Is That It Can Be Duplicated So That’s What I Do I Move Like The Major Labels Move That’s How I’m Able To Stay In It.

WDSR: If I was to push play on your Apple Music account what artists would I hear streaming? What’s your taste? 

YnGun: I really don’t have a taste i’m just a music lover, but i listen to all kinds of artists from old school Too Short to B.B King. I just love music.

WDSR: If you had the opportunity to perform live and have 3 major artists open up for you, which three would you select and why?

YnGun: Well number 1 would be been Micheal Jackson because he is the greatest of all time hands down. Number 2 would be 2Pac because he’s the greatest rapper ever in my opinion. Number 3 would be Master P because he had one of the biggest indie movements I’ve ever seen.

WDSR: Is there any other thing(s) that you enjoying just as much as putting songs together and dropping albums?

YnGun: Yeah, there’s plenty things i like to do besides making music. For one i love my family i enjoy being around my wife and kids, i’m a huge sports fan i love football , my favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys…. that’s the best team in the world just to put that out there…..LOL. And i’m a dog lover and a video game junkie i stay on call of duty and that madden but other than that music is it for me.

WDSR: How big is the team behind you and all of this?

YnGun: For Me My Fans are my team and anybody rocking with me. I keep a small industry circle of real go getters but with the internet I have fans internationally as well, I have charted in Japan Top 50 hip hop charts for two years running, so my team is worldwide!

WDSR: Do you have your own production team and everything or do you like using different producers for some versatility.

YnGun: I like to work with the hungry upcoming producer and I get tracks from EVERY region of the country to keep my sound fresh for the audience I am building. I will always rep the south, but I like producers that will also expand my brand and catalog.

WDSR: So tell me about the name YnGun. What’s the story behind your name? WDSR Radio - YnGun Interview

YnGun: My Big Cousin Rig Gave Me The Name But My Wife Gave It A Meaning :  Y Nobody Give U Nothing. “YnGun” When She Created That She Created A Brand So We Ran With It.

WDSR: If someone wanted to grab some of your music, where can they find it online or offline?

YnGun: Everyone Can Go To My Website yngun.com and its also distributed at most major retail like Itunes, Amazon, Tidal and the rest….we out here.

Website | Twitter | Youtube | Soundcloud | Tumblr | Instagram

WDSR: What advice can you give to upcoming artists that want to get involved in music?

YnGun: My Advice Would Be To Stay Consistent And Make Good Music And Stay Relevant Be Ready For The Grind Because Its Hard

WDSR: We ask all the artists we interview, what’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given to you?

YnGun: Stay Consistent, perfect your craft and make classic music!

WDSR Radio – YnGun Interview We appreciate the interview YnGun!

Credible Content – Tjuan Benafactor

Credible Content – Tjuan BenafactorCredible Content – Tjuan Benafactor

Album title – Credible Content
Artist name – Tjuan Benafactor
Label name – Arucca Flyboy
Release Date – November 01, 2015
Purchase – iTunes

Tjuan Benafactor constantly releases music which is well received worldwide. Having worked with industry notables Bone Thugs n Harmony, Shai, Project Pat, 730 Dipset, Sammie & more.
Tjuan’s been able to grow his fanbase and build his Benafactor brand.

The Pennsylvania based emcee & recently appointed CEO of the ABA’s Media division’s newest release is generating a buzz & is Tjuan’s most mature and impactful release to date. The “Credible Content” EP is well crafted with potent messages & stellar production from producers Tha Trendsetters, Mysteriouspgh, MizzyBeatz & Benafactor himself.

Connect with Tjuan on his social media profiles: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

Pick up Credible Content by Tjuan Benafactor

WDSR Radio – Kenny Thomas Interview

WDSR Radio - Kenny Thomas InterviewWDSR Radio – Kenny Thomas Interview

WDSR: Welcome Kenny Thomas! It’s a pleasure to interview you. Let everyone know where you are from and how old you were when you first developed an interest in making music?

Alabama Kenny: Howdy and thanks… I was born by a river and raised by a cotton field in this place called Tuscaloosa, AL and that is where this thing called music started pursuing me around age 15 or even earlier.

WDSR: So tell us about Kenny Thomas. What was it like growing up as a kid in Alabama?

Alabama Kenny: As a young kid it was lovely…Family, Plum Trees, Hummingbirds, Honeysuckle, Great Music and Neighborhoods before they were called Hoods. I started appreciating life at an early age. I can remember always thinking of ways to be great. If I felt I couldn’t be great at something then I wouldn’t do it. On the other hand there is another Alabama…The Racism, Segregation, Lack of opportunities and more but it’s home…

WDSR: So I’m hearing that you not only spit rhymes but you also make the beats. That’s what’s up! So what’s easier for you and how did that come about?

Alabama Kenny: I’ve always been a writer because I started off writing poems in school so the rhyming came natural and I started making beats by playing around on my brother’s drum machines. I can’t say which is easier but I’m always doing one more than the other and it rotates.

WDSR: Let’s talk about the music. If you had to put a description on the type of music that Kenny Thomas makes, how would you describe it to someone who has never heard it before?

Alabama Kenny: It’s pure Hip-Hop with the perfect sprinkle of southern seasoning… It’s basically my thought process and my experiences mixed with music.

WDSR: So is Kenny Thomas your government and if so why not a stage name?

Alabama Kenny: It’s close to my government name but not exactly. Some people call me ‘Alabama Kenny’ so I’m kinda leaning in that direction. It’s been times when I was out of state and people would ask to see my license to prove that I was from Alabama after hearing my music so it started sticking. I just never sat down and tried to come up with a stage name or a typical so called rap name.

WDSR: Being that you live in the South is it easier to move between states to spread the word about your music?

Alabama Kenny: I can’t say that it’s easier. It’s all about what you want and how hard you are willing to work. How much will you put into your campaign? What and how much are you willing to sacrifice?

WDSR: Since the game is all about copying other styles instead of bringing quality lyrics that tell stories, what do you think needs to be brought to music to change that? WDSR Radio - Kenny Thomas Interview

Alabama Kenny: It’s a lot of amazing music and artists out here that people will miss and look over because it’s not pushed or talked about in mainstream media. I just think artists need to work harder and build their own legacy. I’m sure Prince even had to perform in some shitty spots for a while.

WDSR: If you could put together the ultimate concert with Kenny Thomas headlining and other major artists, who would you choose?

Alabama Kenny: I really rock with the underground but as far as major artists I would have to say Nas, Outkast, Jill Scott, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg & Jay Z just to name a few.

WDSR: Walk us through a typical day of what it takes for Kenny Thomas in the studio making beats to laying the verse.

Alabama Kenny: I just need to be comfortable. I usually will sit outside for a minute and enjoy the weather before I go to work in the lab. Roll up some medicine and I’m off to see the Wizard.

WDSR: This music game can be cruel man! Tell me about any lessons you have learned so far?

Alabama Kenny: “Industry Rule # 4,080… Record Company People Are Shady” – A Tribe Called Quest (R.I.P Phife Dawg)

WDSR: What new projects can we expect from you in the near future?

Alabama Kenny: I’m working on a project called ‘Unkut Vol. 2’ which will be a full LP and I’ll be producing on a lot of up and coming projects by independent and major artists so stay tuned.

WDSR: How is the indie scene in Alabama? Do they give indies a fair shake when it comes to locking down venues?

Alabama Kenny: It’s not really a scene but there is a lot of talent. I can’t stress this enough… It should be called AlaTalent… Yeah… I like that… As far as venues I don’t think underground and independent artists get enough opportunities but at the same time I will always stress that we also have to work harder and everything else will fall in place.

WDSR: For everyone that doesn’t know, let them know where they can we find your music online?

Alabama Kenny: Your Usual Suspects… Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Etc. Google – ‘Rapper Kenny Thomas’

WDSR: We ask everyone that we interview, what’s the best piece of advice that someone has ever given to you about this music game?

WDSR Radio - Kenny Thomas InterviewAlabama Kenny: I always remember being on the phone with David Banner and he kept saying “Get Your Mind Right Bruh… Get Your Mind Right… Get Your Mind Right”… Now I know why he kept saying it.

WDSR: Is there anything else that you would like to include in the closing of this interview?

Alabama Kenny: I just want to say thank you for your time and thank God for this opportunity… – The Inevitable

Good looking out on the interview! Keep making hits #salute

WDSR Radio – Kenny Thomas Interview

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