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WDSR Radio – Stryker & MFT Interview

WDSR Radio - Stryker & MFT InterviewWDSR Radio – Stryker & MFT Interview

WDSR: Welcome Stryker & MFT! You’ve been doing music for a while now. How did this collab/group effort come about?

Stryker & MFT: We Started taking the music industry serious in 2008 When we started our Hip Hop group Stryker & MFT. We came together as a group because of our love for music and decided it was time to move forward with our dream or leave it behind.

WDSR: Can each of you speak on remembering music from back in the day that formed your love of music and inspired you to pursue it?

Stryker & MFT: We grew up on music groups like Too Short, Ice Cube, 2 Pac and Notorious Big. The passion for music and lifestyle we lived helped inspire us to make the music we make as it is all real life.

WDSR: Let’s get to know a little more about Stryker & MFT and how you grew up in the music industry.

Stryker & MFT: Stryker grew up in west Denver and MFT grew up in the Northside of Denver. Both sides of town were hard growing up in , you had to be street smart to get by. With our real life experiences we put together music that people could feel and got a lot of good feedback. We had connections to many booking agents that could get a hold of pretty much any major artist in the industry and decided to take our music to the next level by acquiring features for our albums and conducting events with these major artists. We also had family in the music business who worked with many major artist before which led us to the connections we do have today.

WDSR: So let’s talk about your music. If you had to put a description to the type of music that you all make, how would you describe the sound to someone who has never heard it before?

Stryker & MFT: Our First album “Love it or Leave it” was more raw, we went gangster style on that album with a Texas sound mixed in with Colorado. For our Second album “Money Come & Go” we made it a little bit more about blues and soft Hip hop to showcase a little bit more style and versatility. On our third album labeled “I would rather eat crumbs with bums than eat steaks with snakes” is more new age rap. We made it more trap music and club vibe so more of the newer listeners could relate. We move with the times and since this is the music industry it is constantly changing which you have to also do. A lot of people are stuck in their old ways so they become history.

WDSR: Tell us more about what you have done to change the industry in your state?

Stryker & MFT: We have toured all across Colorado in different cities from Fort Collins to Colorado springs to Grand Junction and are known for traveling out of state time from time to perform for local and major events in which we get paid for. We have performed alongside many major artist’s such as E40, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, LiL Scrappy, Youngbuck,2 Pac’s Outlawz,Pitbull, 2 Chainz, Yukmouth of the Luniz, Project Pat, All of the Original Three 6 Mafia, Do or Die , Twista, LiL Bibby,LiL Flip, Oj Da Juiceman of Bricksquad, R&B Singer Johny P, Project Pat, Lucky Soundscan_salesLuciano & Filero of Dopehouse Records, & many more from earlier events and to come about in the future. We also have had much great success with our music by gaining almost 900,000 Tracked soundscan sales online which as gotten us much recognition nationwide and it continues to grow monthly.

We are also one of the first Hip hop groups in Colorado to have features with Platinum rap artist LiL flip,Gold Selling Hip Hop artist’s Do or Die with Johny P, and up comer Lucky Luciano from Texas on our second album called “Money Come & Go” We are also the first Hip hop group in Colorado to open up for all of Academy award winning Three six mafia and are the first ones in Colorado to have recorded tracks with members of the group. New Album coming soon called say Good night to the bad guy featuring Koopsta Knicca & Lord Infamous of Three 6 Mafia.For more proof you can look up them shouting us out in videos on our record label youtube page called 50/50innertainment.

Another thing We Stryker & MFT did to change the Colorado music industry is at one time we topped the Myspace music charts and were trending in 2012 next to major artists like Kanye West,Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Drake and more off the distribution and promotion of our second album “Money Come & Go” and gained over 850,000 Tracked sales for our music through soundscan and much recognition in the music industry nationwide and in Colorado.

Def_JamThis resulted in us getting contacted by a major scout of Def Jam for a competition they were doing for A&R Lenny Santiago. We Stryker & MFT performed in front of him and won putting our name and music on another plateu for the state of Colorado and our music was approved good enough for the Def Jam label and had a chance to win a Major Record Deal. We were in negotiations to sign contracts that eventually fell through because the offer was not negotiable and high enough for the needs of Stryker & MFT, since their music was already making money independently online.

WDSR: What are your requests when you’re being booked for an event?

Stryker & MFT: We first before anything make sure contracts are signed and we are booked with the right people. We send out our contracts and flyers to make sure everything is agreed on and price we are to get paid between us and the promoter or venue owner. This includes a professional rider which we ask for specifics for the show and our appearance. When we arrive for the event we like to do a microphone and sound check to ensure we have the best sound for the event. While we’re at the venue, before the event , we like to practice backstage or in the green room to ensure our performance is on point for our fans.

WDSR: Your music creation, walk us through what it takes for you to prepare for a release of a new single or album.
WDSR Radio - Stryker & MFT Interview

Stryker & MFT: I first have to feel the beat and make sure it creates some kind of emotion in my body and vibe to it. If I can’t feel the beat you usually get a half ass verse to it, but if I can feel the beat I can create songs that are classics. I look to make more music that you can listen to over and over instead of just songs that get played out right away. We like to layout our verses and audios in an inhouse studio than send our audios to one of Colorado’s top recording studios called Decibel Gardens or Side 3 Studio which have engineered tracks for many major artists like Yelawolf, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Flo Rida and more.

WDSR: Having been in this game for a minute, what lessons have you learned so far?

Stryker & MFT: Get what you’re worth and earn it. Many music artists expect to get paid and everything to fall into their lap when it’s the total opposite. This music industry is commission based therefor the work you do takes time, promotion and hustle to make it happen. You must sell tickets to make money, you must invest into studio time to make music, you also must be dedicated to what you do on a daily not just when you want to because that’s half assing your own dreams and hustle. Watch out for snake promoters and club owners that also approach you in a business suit, just because someone seems like they are something doesn’t mean they are.

WDSR: What new projects can we expect from Stryker & MFT in the near future?

Stryker & MFT: New Album coming soon Featuring Lord Infamous & Koopsta Knicca of Academy Award winning group Three 6 Mafia and more. The Title of the Mixtape will be called “Say goodnight to  the bad guy” . We are currently going on tour soon the the UK and across the country when booking opportunities come available as we are now on many major booking agents rosters for 2016.

WDSR: For everyone that doesn’t know, let them know where they can we find your music online?

lil_flip_shout_outStryker & MFT: Stryker & MFT on Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/money-come-go-pt.-2-ep/id609404726

Stryker & MFT on Iheart Radio: http://www.iheart.com/artist/stryker-mft-736078/

Stryker & MFT on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_srch_drd_B003XDLQOA?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=Stryker+%26+M.F.T&index=digital-music&search-type=ss

Stryker & MFT on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/2K1Zu0RnR3HMpKd5AAgid5?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open

Stryker & MFT on Napster.com: http://gb.napster.com/artist/stryker/album/money-come-and-go

Stryker & MFT on Reverbnation.com: http://www.reverbnation.com/strykerandmft

WDSR: What are the links to your music that has your features from major artist’s so people can check them out as proof??Eating_Lunch_with_Koopsta_Knicca_of_three_6_mafai_after_our_studio_session

Here is my link to my song called “Money Make the world go Round” featuring Do or Die where they even shout us out in the song https://www.amazon.com/Money-World-Round-Feat-Explicit/dp/B003XE6KJ0/ref=sr_1_9?s=dmusic

Here is the link to my song called “Gettin Props” with platinum selling rap artist LiL Flip https://www.amazon.com/Gettin-Props-Feat-Stryker-Explicit/dp/B003XE6KG8/ref=sr_1_4?s=dmusic

Here is the link to my song called “Ridin Fly” with Gold selling artist Johny P of Group Do or Die https://www.amazon.com/Ridin-Fly/dp/B00BMIH8PY/ref=sr_1_10?s=dmusic

For proof of our next album here is us eating Lunch with Koopsta Knicca of Three 6 Mafia after we bought a feature from him  when it was his first time in the state of Colorado.

WDSR: We ask everyone that we interview, what’s the best piece of advice that someone has ever given to you about this music game?

Stryker & MFT: Never give up

WDSR: Is there anything else that Stryker & MFT would like to include in closing of this interview?

Stryker & MFT: Yes our Biography

Stryker & MFT is an American Hip hop music group, that produces, and writes their own music. Stryker & MFT have mostly become popular due to their Hip Hop blues style of music production, and a strong social media following. They’re an independent Hip Hop group,Record label owner, and music producer with hundreds of thousands of fans spanning all parts of the globe. They are currently signed to 50/50innertainment Record Label, and are the current owners of the label. Stryker & MFT have recently gained massive support from the Hip Hop music community nationwide, and has become one the most popular producers of the genre.

WDSR Radio - Stryker & MFT Interview


Stryker & MFT began producing music in 2008 and performing alongside some of Colorado’s most known local Hip Hop artists at concerts resulting in them becoming very popular in 2009. Continuing their career, in 2010 They made their second album called Money Come & Go which is most well known for it’s significant role in being the first Colorado Hip Hop group to feature songs on an album with Platinum rap artist LiL Flip, gold selling Hip Hop group Do or Die , and R&B Singer Johny P. At the end of 2010 Stryker & MFT was also scouted online from a Def Jam A&R to showcase their talents in a competition in which they did. They pursued the competition and with hard work and success of their music they won and were in the top three chosen to become Def Jam Approved by EX A&R Lenny Santiago & New A&R of Roc Nation.They continued their much success by releasing their 3rd album in 2014 under the name, “I would rather eat crumbs with bums than eat steaks with snakes.” It wasn’t until after years of success that they decided upon the name Stryker & MFT and began distributing original productions ,after solidifying their skills as young rappers and distribuing their music online to over 50 major retailers likes Itunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody Iheart Radio & beyond.

Stryker & MFT has also opened up & performed alongside Major artist’s such as E40, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, LiL Scrappy, Youngbuck, 2 Pac’s Outlawz,Pitbull, 2 Chainz, Yukmouth of the Luniz, Project Pat, All of the Original Three 6 Mafia, Do or Die , Twista, LiL Bibby,LiL Flip, Oj Da Juiceman of Bricksquad, R&B Singer Johny P, Project Pat, Lucky Luciano & Filero of Dopehouse Records, & many more from earlier events and to come about in the future.

Follow Stryker & MFT online? Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Website

We appreciate the interview and your continued grind in the game. Keep pushing Fam!

WDSR Radio – Stryker & MFT Interview

Great Games feat. Marc Bravo (Prod. Young N Fly) – Satara

Great Games feat. Marc Bravo (Prod. Young N Fly) – Satara

Great Games feat. Marc Bravo (Prod. Young N Fly) - SataraSatara and Marc Bravo did it again with their second collaboration! Gold-Peach being their first song together was a hit reaching over 4,000 plays on Soundcloud. Performing at the SXSW fesival, one of the biggest festivals in the world, they decided to produce another hit called “Great Games.”

The first half of Great Games entails about the the lifestyle of a player and the second half shows whats behind the games. Just being released its already received over 2,000 plays and was featured on I Am Hip Hop Magazine. This is just the start.

Connect with Satara:

Website: http://sataraaa.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/satara-friedli-1
Itunes : itun.es/us/hF1d6
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/Satara_?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav
Instagram: https://instagram.com/__satara__/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sataraaa?lang=en
EPK: http://artistecard.com/Satara
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAopdQ18fDk

Gkay Skully – THUG LOVE (4Play Edition)

Gkay Skully - THUG LOVE (4Play Edition)Gkay Skully – THUG LOVE (4Play Edition)

Gkay Skully…THUG LOVE {4Play Edition}.. Hog Muzic Gang,, https://soundcloud.com/gkay-skully. Baby Making Music is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Gkay Skully’s up coming mixtape “Thug Love 4Play Edition” Thug Love is a spread of Grown folks sex music covering everything that could go down in the bed room.

Check out the Official Gkay Skully Nobody Like Me Video


WDSR Radio – Mars Gana Interview

WDSR Radio – Mars Gana Interview

WDSR Radio - Mars Gana InterviewWDSR Radio: Welcome Mars! So born and raised in Sacramento huh? How was/is life growing up there?

Mars Gana: Yes, I’m from Sacramento! I love all parts of Cali, but I’m very proud of my hometown. The area code for Sacramento is 916, I was born on September 16th at 9:14AM. It’s really trippy, I always see 9:16 everywhere. I feel a deep relation to my city on another level, in spite of not always fitting in here. My father is a former correctional officer and an amputee; he raised me singlehandedly, and was the best anchor any little girl could ask for.

As for kid life, I got into spats with people, lost friends, had rumors made up about me, had a long term boyfriend, but through all the BS, Sacramento still opened doors for me. I won the Countywide Talent a Show and played the state fair 3 times while in high school. It’s truly where I found myself as a performing musician.

WDSR Radio: After checking out your music, you have some great product available. How many different instruments do you actually play?

Mars Gana: I’m a youngin, but I have been playing piano for about 11 years, guitar for 14 years, I’ve just recently started to doodle with percussion, and I’ve been producing and sound designing for about 5 years! Singing – well, since I could talk, but not always at the level I am now. I had to teach myself everything -we were on a fixed income growing up, but my Papa always bought me instruments for my birthday or Christmas. He always did what he could, and it was always more than enough to make me into the persistent musician I am today.

WDSR Radio: Do you feel that being a solo artist gives you more of an outlet for your creative abilities?

Mars Gana: It’s a Virgo thing. I found that I work best when I am conducting an organized band with a common goal or doing my #OneWomanSymphony, but I don’t like taking a backseat. I played the role of front woman in about 4 different performing bands, before I focused on my solo works. I didn’t like just writing lyrics or not being able to play guitar or instruments. It wasn’t for me. I don’t consider myself a great vocalist, I consider myself a unique vocalist and a perpetually improving musician. It bums me that people tried to box me in to being a singing front woman. I wanted to contribute to the music, too. That’s what the #OneWomanSymphony was born from.

WDSR Radio: You are such a talented artist! Are there any musical accomplishments you’d like to share with the World? 

Mars Gana: I’m dropping my first ever, entirely self produced album late this Spring, and touring all around the US afterwards. Nothing major, just a girl, her cat, a station wagon, and her video camera, cross country, hiking mountains, eating food in awesome places, playing open mics, street performing, filming my crowds, connecting with new people and getting lost in the scene. I’m doing this all independently, and while I’m aware of the dangers – I’m well protected, got what I need to live sustainably and comfortably on the road, and it’s a total bucket list thing. I gotta do it! Haha.

WDSR Radio: What have you found the best ways using the internet to get the word out about your music? WDSR Radio - Mars Gana Interview

Being real with people. I message everyone all the time everywhere, I share everything constantly, and I keep it as real as possible. I don’t record any vocals that I couldn’t easily replicate, I don’t mask my talents with heavy doses of auto tune, and more importantly – I stay patient. I can’t tell you all my tricks, because there’s people waiting to see what I do to do it better, but I will say patience, persistence, and a  REAL talent you could easily deliver at any time is key.

If your music career takes less than 3 years to blossom, it won’t really be much of a career. If you can’t sing a song without using backing tracks – your live following will be nonexistent, and with everything in my millennial generation being so disconnected with the Internet – Being in the flesh is everything.

WDSR Radio: We noticed that you started your musical journey at the ripe tender age of 7. Where does a 7 year old start in this crazy music game?

My school play! I played a lead role as a zebra in a musical about a jungle. Shout out to my 2nd grade choir teacher for being my first talent scout, haha.

WDSR Radio: So we see that your stage presence is great and you have no problem selling out venues. Do the venues where you live give independent artists a fair shake of displaying their music?

Mars Gana: Yes! Oh my gosh, most of them totally do. I love Sacramento for that reason. As a solo artist, I tend to pack houses as big as full bands do sometimes, but sometimes there’s only 5 or 6 people on a Wednesday night. Either way, since I moved back from LA, I haven’t been paid less than $50 for a half hour set in my hometown. It’s not much to a lot of wealthier people or studio musicians, but to me – it’s everything, and I’m grateful.

WDSR Radio: Do you also collaborate with other local artists to create some of your music?

Mars Gana: I’d like to, but as of right now – with the exception of 2 violin features on my album from a friend I used to street perform with in Santa Monica, my album is created entirely by me.

WDSR Radio: What is the easiest type of song for you to write and record?

Mars Gana: They’re all easy! I guess the easiest is whichever style I’m vibing with. Sometimes I want to write a folky, blues song- other times I want a full on industrial, heavy, hammer to car hood beat. What’s easiest, is usually whatever was the outro to my dream as I woke up that morning.

WDSR Radio: We definitely think that your music is great. What type of feedback have you received from others so far?

Mars Gana: My favorite feedback is when I step onto a stage in a loud, testosterone filled bar – and everyone goes quiet the second I start to play my guitar… and gets quieter when I sing. I love stepping off the stage and not being able to really even put my instruments away before I’m surrounded by a circle of love – people waiting to tell me how I helped them in some way. That’s my purpose – to help.

Also- check out my YouTube! It’s all kind of laid out there. The comments I receive are amazing. I’ve got a genuine Rihanna style navy developing on there over the past month! Everyone from elder, blues men in Norway to young gamers to women make up artists to millennial musicians in Jamaica. I love it. In 2012, I received an award for being the Best Emerging Artist in Los Angeles at the Grammy Museum, and was asked to return to play in 2013.

WDSR Radio - Mars Gana InterviewI’m also still glowing from Raury (All We Need) saying I was awesome on Twitter and Charlie Handsome (White Iverson) saying he likes my spoken word aspect, and that I’ve got a lot of tools in my arsenal. I’m still emerging, though, and I have less than 2000 followers musically. I’ve never had PR or management or marketing, so it’s probably going to take a little bit longer for me to really reign in some awesome feedback, but for now, I’ve got enough fuel to keep me going through any shade thrown my way.

WDSR Radio: What’s a typical day in the recording studio like for you? Do you come up with your songs in studio or are they already prepared once you arrive?

Mars Gana: I record everything in house. No, literally, in my house. There’s no preparation. I just wake up and make beats, and refine them until they’re ready. I like to let em marinate.

WDSR Radio: As far as live performances and such, where can we find you doing shows to promote your releases?

Mars Gana: All of that will be announced on WWW.MARSGANA.COM late this Spring! I promise.

WDSR Radio: You already know that we have to let everyone know where they can find your music online/offline, right?

Mars Gana: Yes, yay! Please send everyone my way. I am fortunate enough to be in a place where I still have time to respond to most every YouTube comment and message, and I want to get to know as many people as possible while in this phase of my life!

WDSR Radio: You have the opportunity to select major artists as your opening acts. Who do you select?

Mars Gana: As in THEY open for me? Oh gosh, well that’s a big dream, so I’m just going to say if I could make a festival, I’d have (in no order):

Imagine Dragons


Kid Cudi


Massive Attack

A Perfect Circle

Tei Shi



WDSR Radio: We ask all the artists we interview, what’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given to you?

Mars Gana: “You don’t need to ask to sit at the table. You already have a chair.”

We appreciate you and your candidness in the latest WDSR Radio – Mars Gana Interview.

WDSR Radio – Flawless Interview

WDSR Radio – Flawless Interview provides a great insight on an artist that not only appreciates his craft but lives by it daily.

wdsr radio - flawless interviewWhat’s up Flawless? So you’re a native of Rhode Island huh?

Hey what’s up! Yes I am originally from Providence, Rhode Island. Smallest state in the country with some of the biggest talent. Very proud of my home.

After reading about you, it says you started doing this at the age of 16. Going on the road on the tour bus with your stepfather inspired all of that?

I began writing poetry at a younger age, but started doing hip hop when I was 16. My step father at the time was a tour bus driver and would take me out on the road with him during school break. I was exposed to many aspects of the business and was able to study many artists in the music industry. He drove for Destiny’s Child, Nelly, Cash Money, Wu Tang, and many more artists. It was an amazing experience and inspired me to want to pursue a music career to the fullest.

What kind of obstacles did you experience by getting involved at such a young age?

Well due to some family issues, I was on my own for a period of time. My mother was going through a lot while in the middle of a divorce. Things kind of fell apart and I had no choice but to grow up from that moment on. I was in the streets making a lot of bad decisions, I had a baby on the way, and technically no where to live. After bouncing around for a while, I began to put my emotions and pain on paper. I had no idea what I was creating. I just knew I had to get it off my chest. Hip Hop found me again. It motivated me to get my life together and get back on that tour bus only this time as the artist.

Now that you’ve been doing this for quite some time, have you learned any lessons and if so, what are they?

I’ve learned to never forget this is a business first. I put a lot of trust in people early in my career and found out the hard way. I have to protect the brand that I have built with everything I have and always remember that it’s never personal. Just business.

Do you find it easier writing to original beats and working with a producer or using industry beats from major producers (like for mixtapes and such)?

I prefer original beats. Even my mixtapes rarely have any industry beats. I like to create from scratch and be as original as possible. I can rap all day on an industry beat, but I’d much rather create an original masterpiece such as “Doctor” that is going to solidify me as an artist.

Sometimes it can be hard trying to attract the type of attention you’d want to from your fan base. What type of feedback are you getting from fans within your area and around the globe?

The support has been amazing! Not only locally but globally. We are reaching fans from all over the world and it’s a great feeling. The main reason I think they are gravitating to me is the authenticity. The realness we bring with everything we do, everything we say, and everything we represent. It’s genuine, gimmick-less, REAL.

Moving from Rhode Island to ATL, what was the difference in the indie scene that you noticed?

There definitely was a difference in style. With Atlanta obviously being a bigger market for music, the opportunities were more accessible. We were able to capitalize off of those opportunities and create a market for ourselves.

About the birthday bash, how did you get involved with something so huge?

Well the local station, Hot 107.9, and Wendy’s partnered up for the Birthday Bash 15 Competition. The grand prize was the opening slot for a sold out concert in Philips Arena with Ludacris, Rick Ross, and many other major artists. The contest was held in 5 locations where artists had to purchase a meal and write their name on the back of the receipt to be placed in a jar. The chances were slim to none! God was on our side and our name was called. We auditioned, made the cut, won the online voting, and killed the show!

Okay all indies like this question. You have the opportunity to create a concert with you and 3 majors artists, what three do you pick?

I don’t like this question just for the record haha. Jokes! Ok 3 major artists. With holograms being out I guess I can choose some of the greats that have passed? Well I would say 2Pac, J.Cole, and the last slot would be given to Eminem! What a show!

If you had to put yourself into a genre or create your own, what would it be called?

I would create a Genre called “Mood Music”. Inspired by a great artist named Joe Budden. For me that name represents my music. Whatever mood you’re in, we got something for you!

With all of your accomplishments, has any majors stepped to you about signing with them? And if so would you? FLAWLESS

There has definitely been some conversations along the way. The way I see it, it’s like love. When you know, you know. The right situation comes along, we will consider it.

If someone wanted to get their hands on your music, where can they find it online and offline?

My music is available on almost all digital outlets. Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Xbox Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, and more! You can also find everything Flawless on FlawlessRi.Com.

This is a crazy Hip Hop game. What change would you make if you could change one thing about the music industry?

I would make it about the art again. It is very difficult for talented artists to get major exposure in today’s industry. I feel like the standards of lyricism have been lowered. I would make it about the music again. The talent.

So with opening up with Rick Ross, Ludacris and Tech N9ne, what’s next for Flawless on a performance level?

Just taking the stage show to another level. We take pride in our live show. I feel like it’s second to none. Listening to my music is one thing, experiencing it is a totally different monster!

We ask all the artists we interview, what’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given to you?

I can’t really give away too many secrets but what I can say is that you never know how close you are. Never giving up is the smartest thing you can do. Work as hard as you can at all times because you never know how close you really are. Things can happen overnight, life can change instantly, the question is will you be ready?

Thanks Flawless! It’s always a pleasure to have the opportunity to interview artists such as this WDSR Radio – Flawless interview!

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