Introducing A Great Contest On Our Online Radio Station WDSR Yall Betta Recognize

Brought to you by Dubb Spot Records’ online radio station WDSR Yall Betta Recognize and Ian Charlton Entertainment.

Are you ready to compete in our online radio station contest? Check out the details below.

** Here Are The Details Of Our Radio Contest **

WDSR Yall Betta Recognize Radio along with Ian Charlton Entertainment is bringing a very rewarding online radio station contest to you. The winner of the contest will receive a FREE instrumental from Ian Charlton Entertainment and Distribution, Publishing and Marketing/Promotion from Dubb Spot Records. Each person will be required to adhere to the following contest rules listed below to be considered for our contest. It’s a fairly simple process which involves you tuning into our online radio station during DJ Ian Charlton’s radio show called The Golden Era: Back In The Crates which airs every Thursday night at 9 pm EST (eastern standard time) on WDSR Yall Betta Recognize Radio. By tuning in you can also win free prizes from the radio station by signing up as a listener on the banners in the radio player. You’ll earn radio loyalty points that can be redeemed for free products in the radio loyalty store. So not only are you getting the chance to win our competition but you can also win free prizes from listening to the station. That’s a win-win for everyone. WDSR Yall Betta Recognize Radio streams Indie & Major Artist’s music 24 hrs. per day. You, the indie artist, can also have your music promoted and streaming right along with the majors. For more information see WDSR Promo.

** Let’s Talk Contest Rules **

Submit your track ( to be put in rotation during The Golden Era: Back In The Crates. Make sure you enter “contest track” as your email subject. All submitted tracks will be forwarded to DJ Ian Charlton for his Thursday show. Also MAKE SURE the song info (id3 tags) is embedded within the mp3. How are we to know whos name to list for each track?

Your track will be voted on during the show after your track has played. We will allow each person ample time to vote using a live poll rating system embedded on the page.

We will accept the first 10 tracks submitted to us for the contest and each track will be played during the second hour of The Golden Era: Back In The Crates which airs Thursday nights at 9pm est. This will happen every Thursday for 4 weeks. At the end of the 4 week period the winner with the most votes will win our online radio station contest.

Follow both WDSR Yall Betta Recognize Radio & Ian Charlton Entertainment on Twitter and like us on Facebook WDSR Yall Betta Recognize Radio & Ian Charlton Entertainment. We will be promoting your tracks on Twitter & Facebook so be sure to add and like us Today!

Let all your friends and family know to tune in and vote during The Golden Era: Back In The Crates on Thursday nights at 9pm est. using this direct link.

You must be 18 yrs. or older to participate in our online radio station contest.

You must be registered with ASCAP a performance rights organization, to obtain a Publishing Agreement with Dubb Spot Records.

** Let’s Talk Prizes **

FREE instrumental provided by Ian Charlton Entertainment which will be used for you to create a new track. This is the track you want to use for distribution.

FREE digital distribution ($50 value) to 350+ digital outlets in 240 countries. Sites such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, eMusic, etc. The track that you create will be distributed to these digital outlets through Dubb Spot Records distribution.

FREE promotion including heavy rotation on WDSR Yall Betta Recognize Radio; Artist EPK on Dubb Spot Records website; front page interview on Dubb Spot Records’ website; Facebook & Twitter blasts from WDSR, Dubb Spot Records & Ian Charlton Entertainment; track blasted to over 300 BDS radio stations and press release submitted to over 10 press release websites such as Press Party, UM2N, etc.

FREE music publishing including shopping the completed track to film, tv, video games and retail stores and restaurants. This track will become part of Dubb Spot Records ASCAP Publishing catalog with a single song agreement between you and Dubb Spot Records. You will be listed as the songwriter (lyrics), Ian Charlton as the composer (instrumental) and Dubb Spot Records as the Publisher. You must be registered with a performance rights organization.

FREE video submission ($40 value) to cable TV. If you eventually shoot a music video for your track we will send your music video to our resource on network TV. If you are registered with a PRO, you will also obtain public performance royalties from streaming on TV.

FREE live radio interview with B M DuBB during It’s A Hit or Toss That Shit. We will discuss you winning our online radio station contest, your other projects and you can plug whatever you’d like about you and your music.

Now That’s A Whole Lot Of Something For Absolutely Nothing But Tuning In My Friend!!

Why Are We Doing This? Because We Can And We Support Indie Music 100%!!!

Submit Your Track Today To Dubb Spot Records’ Online Radio Station Contest on WDSR Yall Betta Recognize Radio.


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