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This is payment for your one-time setup fee for digital distribution. Once we receive your payment an email with be sent with further instructions. (you were redirected to this page after successful completion of signing up. To sign up go here. )


Distributed to a combination of 350+ digital stores, streaming sites and jukeboxes

Welcome to Dubb Spot Records
Dubb Spot Records provides the dubbspotrecords.com website for its artists, labels, members, friends and other permitted users. Dubb Spot Records is, to name a few, a music distribution site built on supporting and sharing global urban content – bringing together artists and fans.



These are the basic deal points if you, the Artist or Label, decide to distribute your music with Dubb Spot Records:

  • Term: 36 month period with an automatic renewal for additional one (1) year period, which you can get out of at any time with ninety (90) day written notice.
  • Exclusive meaning present and future releases that have not already been released by another label, distribution company or agency before the term of this agreement.
  • Type of Service: Digital Distribution on other Retailers sites (e.g. iTunes, eMusic) including sound recordings and music videos, compilations and the use of sound recordings in films, television programs and advertisements (sync licensing).
  • Ownership: You own all your recordings and publishing.
  • Revenue Share: Digital Distribution on all other Retailers – 70% for sound recordings and videos; 60% for compilations and 50% for sync licensing of the income received by Dubb Spot Records goes to you.
  • Accounting: Semi-annually
  • A one-time $50 set-up fee is required before distribution of your first release. There are no other fees to release singles and albums for the duration of this distribution agreement.
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