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Get Your Track/Instrumental Reviewed For Single Song Publishing Deals

For In-Store Streaming to 470,000 Retail Stores And Restaurants.


** Sign up as long as you’re with a Performance Rights Organization **

** We can accept all PROs **

If you need help registering with ASCAP see here


The Opportunity

It’s a pretty simple process. We have a relationship with the number one international company for in-store media. We upload tracks to their server and contact our administrator. They review the tracks and either audition them or not (audition meaning accept, not accept). If auditioned it means they are approved and the tracks are immediately programmed into the database and made available to all of the stores that are signed up with their service. Currently they have 470,000 stores signed up in 40 different countries. It equates to about 150 million people daily hearing the music.


How It Works

You will be required to sign a single song publishing agreement with Dubb Spot Records as an artist or composer or both (if registered with ASCAP) if your music is accepted. We then list the titles in our ASCAP catalog listing us as Publisher and you the Artist/Composer as songwriter/composer within ASCAP. You will be listed as artist or composer or both so that you will obtain your piece of the royalty credit along with the Publisher, which is Dubb Spot Records.

When royalties are dispersed each quarter, the listed parties are mailed royalty checks directly or direct deposit to the information they’ve provided to ASCAP when signed up. This is pretty much ASCAP standard.

The more plays the better and needless to say it’s a very good look as far as exposure goes. Radio can’t even compete with this opportunity.



Genres Accepted

Hip Hop/Rap


Smooth Jazz

Urban Pop/Pop





New Age

Holiday Music

Adult Contemporary


Easy/Alternative Rock



Note: All music submitted must be clean, meaning absolutely no profanity.

Highly edited versions are not accepted (meaning multiple bleeps or reverses of cursing)

No Exceptions!!!


Get your music reviewed today. For more details email us at

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