lboogie1Dubb Spot Records caught up with Internet Radio Personality L-Boogie from The Boogie Spot on radio. We discussed how she became interested in hosting her own online radio show, her other      hidden talents and her constant determination to be involved in several community events. Today Dubb Spot Records introduces to you, L-Boogie, in her first exclusive interview since being an Internet Radio Personality.

The interview

DSR: What inspired you to become a radio personality and at what time did you decide to get started? 

LB: I have always had an interest in radio even as a child. I won’t say my age but I loved Donnie Simpson, and Moonman.    I “finally” took my step out on faith about 5 years ago.

DSR: Are you originally from the Maryland area?

LB: Yes, I was actually born and raised in Washington, DC, and presently live in Gorgeous Prince George’s County.

DSR: Once you decided to become a radio personality, what steps did it take for you to land your own show, The Boogie Spot?

LB: Once I decided to move forward with the radio field, I decided to start out as being a PR assistance with two wonderful young ladies, Miss Krys and Lady J who had their own internet radio show and I was very intrigued by the booking of guests for the show and helping produce shows, and meeting people. I had already gone to broadcasting school, I continued more training with broadcasting, and with encouragement of others radio hosts I just went for it!! And I love every minute of it.lboogie2

DSR: Is it harder to be a female radio personality than a male? Any extra effort you had to put forth for potential stations to believe in you.

LB: I believe in any field that is male dominant it will be challenging for women but it’s all about how passionate you are about the field you are pursuing. You keep pressing on until you get what you want. 

DSR: It’s known that you wear many hats in the music and entertainment business. How are you able to juggle so many talents?

LB: LOL, many hats (LOL) well, yes I do.  I must wear many hats because I never want to be put in a box.  I want to be in touch with several things at once because I want to know the field inside and out. I am always willing to learn more than what I know because it prepares me to teach others who are willing to learn like myself.

DSR: So walk us through a typical day of a talented radio personality such as yourself?

LB: A typical day is researching and reading up on the guest I will have on my show.  Making sure I follow up with my guest with emails and phone calls to ensure all is clear, prepare my music for the show.  Keep my  co-hosts  aware of guests and make sure they have information for follow up questions for the guest and prepared my son’s (Sports –co-host) information for sports. Right before the show begins I check on my guests to be sure they are ok and feel comfortable for the interview. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 LIVE we are on the air having a great time.

lboogie3DSR: How do you feel about the state of mainstream radio today and the music that is played?

LB: I feel mainstream is repetitive.  Mainstream is far different than internet radio.

DSR: When talking about mainstream radio, do you think it will be able to continue competing against the massive uprising of online radio?

LB: I think the uprising of online radio is coming behind mainstream radio with a vengeance, so watch out!!!

DSR: If you had the opportunity to interview any major recording Artist in the world, who would it be and why?

LB: I would love to interview Whitney Houston because she’s a seasoned artist, she has seen where the music industry was and where it is headed today and has a lot of experience in it.  With all of the challenges she has gone thru she still managed to keep faith in God thru it all. Just when those counted her out, when her fans stuck by her side and prayed her thru all of her challenges, she still didn’t give up, she hung in there and came out on top.  It may not have happened the way she wanted it to happen but God has the plan for us all. We just need to listen to Him to stay on the right path.

DSR: So tell us about your radio show and where the listeners can tune in? Syndications, online, etc.

LB: My show, The Boogie Spot is fun, high energized, funny we love to promote independent artists and very informative and you can hear us on every Monday 8pm-9pm

DSR: It’s known that you provide a substantial amount of promotion for upcoming Artist. I myself have had Artist featured on your radio show. You must get a deep satisfaction from providing these types of opportunities?

LB: I know that this music industry is very challenging at times. To give someone an opportunity to hear their song on the radio to share with others, gives me great pleasure.  A lot of times artists just need that one chance to have their music played all over the United States and other Counties. Internet radio is the perfect place to start!

DSR: Radio stations are a huge asset to record labels and music managers, for the purpose of record sales, exposure for Artist, etc. Do you think that with today’s technology and internet capabilities, Artists are finally getting a fair shake on being discovered?

LB: With today’s technology and internet capabilities artists absolutely have a fair shake on being discovered because nowadays you really don’t have to belboogie4 signed with a major record label to be a rising star! You need passion, dedication, God, perseverance and the right people in your circle.

DSR: Not only does L-Boogie and The Boogie Spot provide opportunities for upcoming Artist, you also work closely with the local community. Can you speak on some of the community projects that you and your station have been involved with? 

LB: We are always in the community. There are over 35 radio personalities @ (((the flow))) and we are where ever we are requested to be, whether it be a Pom Pom competitions, schools, Music series- where we promote indie artist, premiers of independent movies, opening for Universoul circus, and so much more.

DSR: Are there any other talents that L-Boogie possesses that we should know about?

LB: L Boogie loves to write poetry, I have did Christian stand up comedy and as I stated I am always looking to learn new things always, my brother Illy Moe Swagg is leading me towards producing tracks. Watch out there now! LOL!

DSR: We ask everyone we interview this question. What is the best piece of advice that someone has given to you?

LB: The best advice someone has given me is “ Your Journey is Your Journey”.  Sometimes we get so caught up in people not believing in our dream that we forget that it is our dream not theirs.


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