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Guess who stopped by the Dubb Spot this week? None other then the skillful, honorable and respectful Lady Dee, radio personality of the Neo Soul Lounge & Told You.To. If you have not heard about Lady Dee, today we have a special treat for you. Lady Dee is as real as they come. Not just real but a very supportive person when it comes to giving upcoming indie Artist an outlet to be exposed, interviewed and their music streamed in foreign markets. Up and coming Artist definitely need an outlet such as this to further enhance their careers.

As Lady Dee puts it, “We are the tastemakers of the industry.” Dubb Spot Records had the opportunity to catch up with Lady Dee and talk to her about how she got started as a radio personality, what inspires her to provide Artist the opportunities that she does and to walk us through a typical day of such an inspiring radio personality. 

DSR: At what age did you start taking an interest in being a radio personality? 

LD: It all started when I got a boom-box for Christmas when I was just 10 years old. I used to record music, careful not to record the voice of the radio personality, then plugged in a microphone and made my own “mixtapes.” I was also influenced by American radio through A.F.N. Europe. 

DSR: You’re from Bremerhaven, Germany? Is there a big difference in US & German radio? 

LD: Yes. Most commercial radio stations in Germany play a mix of genres & sound very similar to one another. In the US, you have more stations catering to a specific group of listeners or genres. Artists in the USA know which influence radio has. You find up and coming artists telling their fans to call the stations and request their music. Most Germans who discover our radio show like the radio drops and interviews. You would think more stations would do this, but German radio is very different. 

DSR: You are more like a global radio personality. How were you able to capture the attention of so many Artist and listeners from around the world? 

LD: During my time in the US, I discovered the importance of networking, it doesn’t matter what your profession is – if you know how to network, make & use your connections you can accomplish great things. We use the internet for marketing purposes & the English language to appeal to a broader audience. Initially, I was looking for a unique sound for the radio show we created in autumn 2010. By analyzing what works in the US and what “can” work in Germany,  

the blend of less popular urban music mixed with popular urban tracks seem to appeal to audiences across borders. Artists who find us understand that we’re not the media outlet that helps them break through. However, we’re a” tastemaker”- when we discover new music, regardless of popularity – we can share it with an audience that’s open for it. This seems to be a win-win situation for listeners and artists alike, across borders. 

DSR: It’s known that you spent about 12 years in Baltimore, Md. How was your experience living in the US? lady dee2

LD: Before I moved to the US, I visited several times before finally moving overseas at age 21. When you live in the US, you see the country and its people for who they really are and what influences them. You become part of it eventually. My experience in the US was great. I learned so much about myself, made lots of wonderful friends and saw so many different places. I’m still processing just how much of who I am today has been influenced by life in Baltimore. I never thought I would see so much of the world. I got to travel to many US cities, and even got to see the Bahamas and Bermuda. 

DSR: Are there any connections between Baltimore, Maryland & Bremerhaven, Germany? 

LD: Historically, there are many connections between both cities. Bremerhaven was once Europe’s biggest emigration port. The sailing ships (later steamers) took off on a journey that would last several weeks and take European immigrants to port cities in the US. There’s a museum in our town (Deutsches Auswandererhaus where you are assigned a name of an actual immigrant who boarded a ship here once. At different stations of embarkation you can find out more about that person, why they left Europe, how they traveled and what became of them once in the USA. It’s an interactive walk through this museum you really feel like you’re going on a journey overseas. In Bremerhaven, we even have a “Baltimore Pier” There has always been trade between both cities, today Bremerhaven is one of the biggest ports in Europe for containers & car import and export. Because both cities have such a long history together and so much in common, there is talk to officially become sister cities in the near future. 

DSR: So walk us through a typical day of a talented radio personality such as yourself? 

LD: A typical day – let’s see… I start a few days prior to the show, meet with the team on occasion, otherwise I work from my home office. Here, I visit websites, read music-related magazines, listen to new music and analyze press-kits. I then create a playlist, write a loose script, talk to various people by phone, set up dates and interviews. Finally, I translate articles between 2 languages, send them to various blog websites and interact through social media. On the day of the radio show (Saturdays) I go to the studio prepared, if I have guests, they get a quick briefing. While working out of the studio is fun, I love broadcasting from live events, I like the energy and having to be more spontaneous. 

DSR: With your experience in different genres and cultures of music. Is there anything that you think is needed to enhance the state of music at this point? 

LD: There’s always room for enhancement somewhere, but this is up to the audiences that listen and buy the music. Because if more people ask for more “good music”- the artists and labels will produce that. We all define “good music” different. To me, good music is what touches us as human beings. When listening to popular music, I often miss an authenticity. As a woman, I’m sometimes saddened by some videos lyrics, the image some artists portray. You are what you consume, positive music is said to have a positive effect on our soul. We need more of it. 

DSR: If you had the opportunity to interview any major recording Artist in the world, who would it be and why? 

LD: There are a few I would have loved to interview, they’re no longer among us… out of all legends I would pick 3: Donnie Hathaway, Marvin Gaye & Bob Marley. All 3 are from a generation that has always fascinated me, the wisdom / words they’d share would certainly be inspirational for artists in the game today. Today’s major recording artists I’d like to interview – Mary J Blige. Through her music, she allows us into her life and her struggles, allowing us to grow with her. Her music had a profound impact on my life since day 1. I’m in awe by her depth and talent. 

DSR: So tell us about your radio show and where the listeners can tune in? Syndications, online, etc. 

Lady Dee4LD: You can catch us online every Saturday if you’re in Bremerhaven, Germany you simply tune in to Radio Weser TV 90.7 FM or 96, 95 by Cable. On the internet, we have several streams: 

Radio Weser TV Bremerhaven 

WIR Medien 

If you listen by stream from the US, our air times are Saturdays at 8 AM Westcoast, 11 AM Eastcoast. The show is mostly in English, but you might hear me talk about local events, sponsors etc. in German 

DSR: It’s also known that you provide a substantial amount of promotion both locally and globally for upcoming Artist. What inspires you to provide these types of opportunities? 

LD: The promotional part of our radio show is another way of building international bridges and creating win-win situations for artists and listeners. What good is hearing a new song on the radio if you don’t know where to buy it, or who’s behind it? In the future, we hope to provide more services like these through our websites. 

DSR: Do you have a strong online presence and what advise can you give to Artist that are trying to brand themselves and become more marketable? 

LD: Our own online presence is vital to what we do, if someone in the USA takes the time to listen to our program by internet stream, it says a lot about which direction the media has gone. As an artist, you have to understand the impact social media and the internet has on all of our lives today. You can no longer merely rely on one way to market your music. Today, fans expect interaction with the artist. Producers / artists like Diddy understand this and use the internet in various ways, viral marketing though video, contests, interaction with fans like through Twitter and Facebook have become the norm. We know this can be a problem when mixing your private life with business. Many resources are free, how wonderful is that, just use them wisely. 

DSR: Radio stations are a huge asset to record labels and music managers, for the purpose of record sales, exposure for Artist, etc. Do you think that with today’s technology and internet capabilities, Artist are finally getting a fair shake on being discovered. 

LD: My experience is that it takes more than raw talent to make it in the music industry. The internet can be a huge asset for the label and artist that knows how to use it right. Radio stations play what they’re expected to play, a lot of it has to do with money. That aspect of the business is not fair but it’s always been this way. There’s a reason why some artists end up becoming media moguls and start their own label or fashion line – they use their image / brand in various ways. Diddy makes more money selling clothes than selling music. Understanding how the industry works gives you an advantage and is of utmost importance. There’s a lot of talent to be discovered, especially in the US. The ones who turn out the next superstar possess a little extra, they have the discipline, the drive and are not discouraged easily. I’m not a recording artist but in my personal experience I’ve learned if you want to be successful, put together a team of experts, people you can trust & diligently with your interest at heart. lady dee3

DSR: Are there any other talents that Lady Dee possesses that we should know about? 

LD: Although I don’t share many of my pieces, I write lyrics and poetry. What I love best is to travel internationally. I’m very open-minded to different cultures and foreign places. I’m a 

hobby photographer and take my camera everywhere. The best photos I’ve taken were in Bermuda, New York and South Portugal. 

DSR: If you could change anything about the whole music and entertainment business, what would it be and why? 

LD: I don’t think there’s anything I would want to change, it’s up to the people to do that. Music reflects the state of our society. 

DSR: We ask everyone we interview this question. What is the best piece of advice that someone has given to you? 

LD: Just do YOU! 


  1. Ron G

    March 18, 2011 (00:06) Reply

    Lady Dee is the best RADIO MC/DJ in the whole world she does not even know it but she has so many people in the USA that look up to her its not even funny. i would like to take this time out to say May God Bless You always and may that drip down on your wonderful family and please last keep up all the hard work that it is you do we love you Lady Dee in the US !!

  2. Ron G

    March 18, 2011 (00:07) Reply

    Lady Dee is the best RADIO MC/DJ in the whole world she does not even know it but she has so many people in the USA that look up to her its not even funny. i would like to take this time out to say May God Bless You always and may that drip down on your wonderful family and please last keep up all the hard work that it is you do we love you Lady Dee in the US !!

    PS ill do an interview

    • bmdubb

      March 18, 2011 (01:35) Reply

      Lady Dee is a blessing in disguise! A true asset to online and German radio. An interview is no problem Ron G. Pretty simple process, just subscribe to the site and submit your links, information, etc. and we’ll check everything out. You’ll be considered for an interview after everything is reviewed.

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