Effective Music Promotion That Works!

Music Promotion to over 5,000 music industry contacts!

This is one of the most effective means of music promotion!

music promotion

A price like this is unheard of when talking music marketing or music promotion! This is music promotion at it’s finest. We will submit your music, YouTube video, Soundcloud link, or Press Release to over 5000 music contacts. This includes a DJ pool of 3000 DJ’s (Mixshow, College, Commercial) and 2000 Music Websites and Music Blogs (Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, Pop). Most music agents would charge and arm and a leg to offer you a service of this stature, but we don’t. We understand the term “starving artist.”

Never ask, “how to submit music” again. We got you covered. Music distribution to an mp3 pool is not cheap and I’m sure you will agree.  We personally saw one particular DJ Pool charging three times the amount for music distribution like this. That’s just crazy! You can either submit music to them or submit music to the ones that are affordable, US! This will result in your song or video getting featured on numerous websites, and your song maybe played by the DJ’s!

Simply because we email to so many people, your YouTube music views and likes usually increase very nicely! Once blogs obtain your music submission and start to post it, you will see reactions such as Tweets, a strong Google search presence, and high SEO. Who knows you may even possibly start to receive requests from record labels and music industry people that have a record pool. Be sure to check out our DJ Record Pool opportunity also.


Over 23,000 subscribed contacts in our professional database.

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Our record pool – music promotion is a cost effective service to get your music out to the masses.

** REMEMBER ** You can submit a music track, Youtube video, Soundcloud link or Press Release. Any one of these are acceptable.

Genres accepted: Hip Hop, R&B, Dance & Pop

(Your submission will be requested via email, right after we receive your payment)

music marketing

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Music Promotion


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