Spallden Nterprize’s Performance at Baltimore

Nightclub 5 Seasons Was Off The Chain!

When we say, “off the chain” we mean off the chain! There were several artists that performed that night but not too many that came with the same amount of energy that is required during a performance. Spallden Nterprize came to life during their opportunity to be the opening performance for former member of Pretty Ricky, Ambition. There was definitely talent in the building that came from all over the tri-state area. Some brought their a-game, others didn’t. One thing we want to stress is, when you have the opportunity to be the opening performance for an established major recording artist, you do not do anything less than performing at your highest level. That’s exactly what Mic Ruckazz and Jay Brookz from Spallden Nterprize did once they touched the stage.

It Was Like A Performance Massacre!

Now I’ve personally been to a lot of Spallden Nterprize’s performances, release parties, hell even house parties but this one right here, this one right here, MAN! Jay Brookz held his own during the interview that was presented to him by one of the Lollipop Girls that were hosting that night. She threw a lot of one-liners at Jay Brookz but he held his own. And what was even more funny is when the performance was over, shorty had nothing to say. All the talk about if you aren’t good I’m going to blast you on Twitter went out the window. I guess oh Lollipop Girl bit off a little more than she could chew because Mic Ruckazz and Jay Brookz made her eat them words. And might I add, that’s what you get for assuming. The amount of crowd participation alone proves that Spallden Nterprize walked away with this one. Several other artists and patrons within 5 Seasons approached them to commend them on how good of a performance they had just had. Actions speak louder than words and the impression was definitely felt that night. All I can say is if you missed it, sorry for your lose. But you already know I’m not going to do you like that, right? You already know how Dubb Spot gets down. Of course we have exclusive video footage of the performance. Spallden Nterprize’s EPK can be found right here on Dubb Spot Records website at

We Now Present To You The Performance From Spallden Nterprize At 5 Seasons


Jay Brookz’s “Officially Waiting”!-single/id481585021

Mic Ruckazz’s “2012 feat Jay Brookz, Sixx Hunnit”

We’ll keep you updated of the next performance.






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