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What Do DJs At Clubs & Radio Stations Like?

The needs of the DJs. Music reporting starts with the DJs liking, downloading and playing your tracks. As inquired by most artists, quality plays a very important part. Some members strive on the quality of the mp3s and with today’s free technology allowing you to send huge files for free there is no reason all music should not be converted to less than 320k, the highest bitrate for mp3. Lower quality excludes you from getting radio station airplay that only requires high quality files. More important they always request DJ packs which are the clean, dirty, instrumental and a cappella. When you submit your music, clean tracks ensure that you get your radio station play and the dirty tracks ensure you get your club plays. Instrumentals are used by tons of DJs for transitions, talk over, introduction of the track, easy mixing and remixing. A cappellas are used for remixing. All aforementioned points maximizes your promotional efforts to the fullest thus increasing exposure and demand for your music. If you need your music to have that quality sound that DJs & Clubs are looking for Click Here!

Real-Time Tracking!

Real-time tracking when you submit your music starts with a real-time tracking software for all uploads is being used which reads DJ software, detects what tracks are being played and sends a notification to us (the label the track is assigned to) letting us know who is playing the track and what country and city your track is being played in…..all in real-time. This software will also allow us to report to you how many DJs played your track within different time spans. The software also allows the DJs to post the track info automatically to their walls on Facebook and Twitter further promoting your music to their friends on two of the biggest social media networks. The DJs using the software will also be able to see other DJs who are using the software, view their playlist and download instantly, the tracks the other DJs are playing. This is a technological word of mouth promotion where DJs are motivated to download a track because they see another DJ already up on the track and playing it. This is revolutionary and will promote and elevate breaking records to a whole new level. And all of this from you as an artist that chose to submit your music to us for upload.

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Online Feedback System!

When you submit your music and we upload it, we have access to the most advance music feedback system of not only any record pool but any music affiliated site on the web today. Most importantly we have the tool to upload the track to the pool ourselves. When you log in you will be able to see the track you want to focus on and see feedback at a glance. Most excitedly is a huge map of the world with numbers tagged on different countries. These numbers denotes the number of downloads of your track in the country the numbers hovers over. You will be able to click on the numbers to drill down into that country all the way down to city level so you can see what cities in that country is downloading your music. We are also able to trend any artist against each another to see how they match up in terms of popularity. We’ll also be able to view feedback from other members based on questions relevant to a decision-making such as “will you play this track in the clubs”, “will you play this track on the radio”, “will you play this track at your mobile gigs”, “will you buy this track”, “should a video be made for this track”, “should this track be pushed more” and a 1 to 5 rating on the vocal, instrumental and overall rating on the track. When you submit your music you will be able to see the total downloads and total listens to date of the track when you submit your music. It’s important you know the total downloads as compare to the total listens because if the numbers are close it means the DJs listen to it and because they like what they heard they downloaded it. If the download count is far less than the listen count it means, without a doubt that they do not like the track.

What Does It Cost?

You might be asking yourself what is the cost for all this when you submit your music and thinking these high-tech features must command a huge fee. Actually NO because it’s only $50 per DJ pack or $75 per single track. Why is it so cheap to submit your music and why is it more expensive to upload a single track as compared to a DJ pack which contains more files? First it’s cheap because we are not in the business to make money off the artist when you submit your music, but there is cost associated with bandwidth when it comes to uploading large files such as mp3 and mp4. So when you submit your music, the small fee is going to cover that cost as well as contribute to maintaining the system for continued use as well as future updates. When you submit your music, the reason the charge is more to upload a single track is to actually encourage you to upload DJs packs as we strongly believe this will improve your chances of getting your music played when you submit your music. DJ packs stands out on any site amongst the single tracks and will get more notice guaranteed.

So Here’s The Recap!

  • Submit your music and get Real-Time alerts on where your track is being played and who is playing it.
  • Submit your music and know how many DJs played your track via a real-time alert software.
  • Submit your music and see an informative feedback system based on questions, rating and downloads & listen count.
  • Submit your music a get a map view of accurate download count by countries and cities.
  • Submit your music and be compared to other artists performance. Good for trends!
  • Submit your music and get a bar and pie graph that you can print for distribution in meetings.
  • Submit your music and your are assigned your own account.
  • Submit your music and get your tracks uploaded today!

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Submit Your Music To DJs and Clubs Around The World!



  1. Vasco Dada

    January 13, 2013 (10:31) Reply

    Please check out my music on itunes to see if it meets your requirements before I make a submission,
    Vasco Dada

    • bmdubb

      January 14, 2013 (00:03) Reply

      Replied via email. Thanks!

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