Hold On Baby – Mic a.k.a. Microphone

Hold On Baby – Mic a.k.a. Microphone

Hold On Baby - Mic a.k.a. MicrophoneSOUNDCLOUD

Michael McClelland, professionally known as Microphone, grew up in Freeport, Long Island. He grew up in a single-parent home, got into trouble and was even expelled from college. These struggles led him to explore the art of rapping with his friends in 2009. Soon after, it became his passion and he decided to pursue it professionally. Using music as an outlet was a blessing for him, because he was able to express his feelings/views in his rhymes.
Microphone dreamt about being in the music industry and standing on the shoulders of past and present lyricists. Many artists are talented, but Microphone is gifted.

Through his influences and accomplishments, he has learned so much more about style and creativity, while excelling and progressing his writing skills and rhyming technique. His dream is what he’s been chasing and believes he will accomplish it by being the Voice for the Voiceless. He uses music to grow by expressing his pain, love and many other types of emotions. Microphone is also releasing 3 consecutive mixed tapes in 3 volumes, of NU ERA while at the same time in the studio making an album. NU ERA Vol.1 (Microism) hosted by DJ Voltron (Defender of Hip Hop), NU ERA Vol. 2 (The Warm Up) is being hosted by DJ Big Mike, Vol. 3 (The Workout) hosted by various MC’s and DJ’s. It’s NU ERA so be on the lookout for him, because he’s coming to bring back good music with feelings and will soon enough climb the charts.

Guerrilla Labs Releases The Foil Hat

The Foil HatTandy Arthur aka TMA aka Guerrilla Labs is no stranger to the EDM scene. Having traveled across the globe while experiencing several different cultures of music, Guerrilla Labs prides himself on being able to connect with many different forms of the Electronic Digital Music craze.

Hip Hop Artist Q Dot Davis on the Dubb Spot

Featured Hip Hop Artist QDot Davis

We Do Our Best To Interview The Best Holding That Hip Hop Artist Title

Lets See What The Hip Hop Artist QDot Has For Us Today!


hip hop artistDSR: Welcome Q Dot! Let the people know where you are from.

Q Dot: Birmingham, AL The 205 is where I reside!

DSR: What is the significance of your name?

Q Dot: No deep story or meaning behind it. My first name is Quincy. That’s where u get the “Q”. The “Dot” is just the period after the Q and Davis is my last name… There it is.

DSR: How old were you when you developed an interest in music?

Q Dot: I have always had an interest in music. I would say I started banging pans and singing around 2 years old.

DSR: Have you learned any lessons so far as a hip hop artist and if so, what are they?

Q Dot: “Realize Everybody Ain’t Loyal” and “Loyalty Over Everything”.. No need to elaborate those who know or keep up with me know what those two lessons are about. #LOE #1018 #RSM

DSR: After reading your bio, it seems as if you stayed on a constant grind and was determined to get your music in front of everyone you could. Can you speak on how you managed to handle all of that?

Q Dot: I definitely stay on my grind day in and day out. While others sleep, I am “vamping” and doing major work via social networks and real life networking with people of power. I am very big on the concept and use of the internet to connect to people all around the world like never before possible. I utilize the internet whenever possible. In fact I am nominated for the Southern Entertainment Awards, “Internet Hustler of the Year” Be sure to vote for me, @QDOTDAVIS (http://www.southernentawards.com/ballot/vote.html )

DSR: Sometimes it can be hard trying to attract the type of attention you’d want to from your fan base as a hip hop artist. How would you feel about putting out a lot of money and not seeing any of it come back in from a failed promoting attempt?

Q Dot: I agree it is very hard to pinpoint and pin down the type of attention you seek.  Through the methods I use and the relationships I build daily, I think I will never have to deal with the sad reality of a lot of money spent with no return. I handle a lot of my own promotion, so time is spent for sure. As far as money goes I operate with a goal to spend as little money as possible on promotion and well… my accolades speak for themselves…..GOOGLE ME!

DSR: And as a hip hop artist, with perseverance you will manage to come through it all! Where can the people find you performing these days?

Q Dot: I perform in my hometown at Zydeco a lot! I have opened for every major Hip-Hop concert there since December 2012, Including Ace Hood, Tech N9ne, Ying Yang Twins,and you can catch me there opening for Curren$y On December 14th with Ivprofen and the SquidMob.

DSR: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it before? hip hop artist

Q Dot: My sound is Catchy yet not cliche’ of the industry’s sound as far as Hip Hop goes.

DSR: Who is in charge of writing the songs. As a hip hop artist where do you draw your inspiration from?

Q Dot: I have written 100% of all of my material so far. I pull my inspiration from everyday life and experiences. People like to hear and feel what’s REAL!

DSR: If you had to put yourself into a genre or create your own as a hip hop artist, what would it be called?

Q Dot: Life and Groove…but I AM HIP-HOP.  PERIOD

DSR: Are you working on any projects at the moment?

Q Dot: Just released R.E.A.L exclusively on DATPIFF you can download it for FREE at http://www.datpiff.com/Q-Dot-Davis-REAL-Realize-Everybody-Aint-Loyal–mixtape.543811.html . I am always working on the untitled album. When It is done it will be classic. I promise.

DSR: Where can we find your music? Online and offline?

Q Dot: You can find me all over the web! More specifically www.reverbnation.com/qdotdavis, www.qdotdavis.com, and www.youtube.com/officialqdotdavis

DSR: If you can change one thing about the music industry as a hip hop artist what would it be and why?

Q Dot: I would change the loss of creativity in artist and the effect it has on who actually makes it to the next level. Most sound and look like a clone of an existing artist. I would like originality and drive to play a more deciding factor than money that may “buy” u a spot.

DSR: You definitely have talent as a hip hop artist. What other talents do you possess?

Q Dot: I am the best independent promoter I know. I mean that! I am pretty good with protools. I am a music consultant and a booking agent for talented artist that have trouble getting shows.

DSR: We ask all the artists we interview, what’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given to you?

Q Dot: Stay true to who u are and stay consistent. God will open the doors you need to be opened. Smile frequently and pray for understanding, even if you are misunderstood. That is from me personally to whoever reads this. I take my own advice!

We appreciate you sliding through Q Dot, it’s always a pleasure interviewing a talented hip hop artist.

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