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Recording Studio Rates

Hourly Tracking/Recording Studio Rate @ $45 Per Hour

Discounted Block Time:

4 Hour Block @ $165.00 = Save $15.00

8 Hour Block @ $320.00 = Save $40.00

12 Hour Block @ $480.00 = Save $60.00

16 Hour Block @ $640.00 = Save $80.00

20 Hour Block @ $800.00 = Save $100.00

24 Hour Block @ $940.00 = Save $140.00

Separate Track Mixing And Mastering

Per track mixing with MP3 @ $75.00

Per track mixing with session files @ $125.00

Per track mix and master with MP3 @ $175.00

Per track mix and master with session files @ $225.00

Per track mastering @ $50.00

** SPECIAL ** 5 Track EP, mix and master @ $450.00 (with mp3)

** SPECIAL ** 5 Track EP, mix and master @ $600.00 (with session files)

A 50% block time deposit is made prior to the recording studio session. Block time bookings have a two hour minimum. Each eight hour block includes a one hour meal break. Overtime is charged at the regular recording studio rate. Prepaid block time must be used within 90 days of purchase date. Unused time is not redeemable for a refund. A 72 hour notice is required to cancel a block time booking. We also offer project based quotes. We prefer to book for a full or half day because it’s very difficult to deal with several bookings for a few hours. It’s funny how two hour sessions in our recording studio become five, making it impossible to book sessions in a row. Please call 410-781-8361 to take advantage of our reasonable recording studio block time rates.


recording studio


Planning A Recording Studio Project?

recording studio

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the recording studio rental rate include an engineer?
Yes, the engineer’s fee is included in the cost of the studio rental.

What are the hidden costs a your recording studio?
There are no hidden costs besides, CD-R, or DVD-R. There are no instruments or gear that you will be charged extra to use at Dubb Spot Records!

Can we break up a day rate over two days?
No, that’s why it is called a day rate. (We get asked this a lot!)

Can we get a tour of the recording studio?
Of course. Scheduling via Email is easiest, or call us at (410-781-8361). Sometimes we can do the tour that day, sometimes a week or so away. It depends on the sessions that are scheduled.

Do you work weekends?
Of course. In fact, weekends are busiest and usually booked up in advance.

Can we come in early or the night before to set up?
No. Sessions begin at the scheduled time. Much of the engineering work begins as you start setting up so we have to charge for this time.

What’s does a producer do at a recording studio?
In general terms: A producer is like a director, they have complete responsibility for the project, generally they attend rehearsals, work on arrangements, check out your equipment, recommend outside musicians, and decide what songs to record. They own the project and negotiate with the record label. They see the project through completion. A producer doesn’t have to be an engineer, and you may see sessions where a producer and engineer work together. One would hire a producer based on the quality of the previous work this producer has done, familiarity with their style and an understanding that they will be calling the shots and raising the quality of the recording studio project.

What’s does a co-producer do at a recording studio?
In general terms: A co-producer is generally someone who will engineer your album and make suggestions and subjective comments in order for you to make the best recording possible. They will be active in assessing takes and suggesting sounds, arrangements, etc. Usually they will jump into the session cold on the first day. Generally they will be the sole engineer as well. One would hire a co-producer based on work they’ve done before and their familiarity with the studio being used.

What’s does an engineer do at a recording studio?
In general terms: An engineer is someone that knows how to operate the recording equipment in the recording studio, get sounds and accommodate the requests of the artist or producer. One would hire an engineer based on a recommendation from the studio, work they’ve done before and their familiarity with the studio being used.

Do you do voiceovers, video editing, music videos, music for film or radio drops?
Yes Dubb Spot Records is best known and geared towards recording performance-based music sessions. For much of this post-production work we are affiliated with Dubb Spot Media.

Do you have beats?
We have a large selections of drum tracks, samples, etc. but remember that building up tracks is gonna take a lot of time and creativity. There are no “walk in and sing and walk out with a CD” services available. You can purchase non-exclusive/exclusive beats from our MyStore (still under construction) tab on this site.

How long will it take to record my album?
We don’t know. A well-rehearsed artist can lay down most of the basic tracks for an album in two days. Overdubs can take anywhere from one to seven days depending on the amount of work and pickiness. For mixing, budget four hours per song or so at least. It really depends what you are looking for. Many of our better artist/band projects have taken ten to fourteen days. Some projects go faster in our recording studio. Always add time to your estimates! We’ve made albums in one day and one month!

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    March 24, 2011 (21:54) Reply

    are you located in B-More?

    • bmdubb

      March 24, 2011 (22:39) Reply

      Yes I’m near Bmore.

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