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We’ve ran across many articles (like the one below) complaining about scalpers and fake ticket exchange online companies cheating people out of money for tickets. That’s why we hooked up with a reputable ticket exchange company, Ticket Network to help you surf safe when it comes to purchasing tickets or tickets that are sold out or hard to find. There are Music Concert tickets, Theater tickets, Justin Beiber tickets, Sports tickets and more.! Take a look below at an article we recently came across.

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One of the biggest problems in the ticket exchange business at the moment is the prevalence of fake tickets. The bigger the event, the more likely it is that fake tickets are being passed around. Not a big event? Still no guarantee that tickets coming from third parties are at all genuine. There are a handful of fake ticket types currently circulating that you should be on the look-out for. For events that scan rather than rip tickets, there is the invalid ticket. Since they are scanned and some events allow you to keep the ticket, some get passed around to scalpers who know they have real tickets that have already been used. These tickets are the hardest to detect since they were once real. Thankfully the practice of ripping tickets has become common practice to prevent this.

Watermarks on tickets can be very hard to replicate, so this is often a very good indication of a fake ticket. Just hold the ticket up to the light to see the backdrop image. If there isn’t one where there should be, you know something is up. Most tickets often also have a very consistent and sturdy texture. This is to maintain that it will last up until the event where its condition doesn’t matter after usage. Fake tickets often have the attribute of being either too bendy, like paper, or too hard such like cardboard. Most tickets have an in-between feel that allows it a bit of give, but is far less sturdy that materials like cardboard. The easiest way to avoid receiving fake tickets is to detour from scalpers or private party ventures. Scalpers with fake tickets will often pose as customers wanting to get rid of tickets because they somehow can’t make it to the event.

At this point you might be thinking “Well then how the heck do I get tickets then? What if the event is sold out?!”

The solution to this is actually quite simple. Ticket resell companies like Ticketnetwork have been around for years, yet few people know it exists. These companies are unlike scalpers in that they put guarantees behind their tickets. If it doesn’t come with a money back guarantee it’s not a legit company you’re dealing with. These people triple and quadruple check that each ticket will get you into your event. If they end up not working, you get your money back, plus a little bit more in most cases. There is really little to worry about when dealing with them.

So if you are really looking to avoid fraudulent ticket sales, just go with people who can be trusted. Article Source: Article Source:

Counterfeit tickets are on the rise!

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