LoveFest 9 – 2014

The Ultimate Outdoor Festival

9th Annual LoveFest Cookout and Music Festival Is Back!

Like we always do on the last Saturday of July

LoveFest Cookout Is An Outdoor Music Festival All In The Name Of Love

July 26th * 3pm – 9pm * 1415 Hayes Rd., Annapolis, Md. 21409

Mark Jones, creator of the LoveFest festival is no stranger to kindness or bringing the community together. Walking in the footsteps of his late father, Mark Jones understands the importance of bringing the community together. Growing up in a tight-knit neighborhood has inspired Mark to continue his annual LoveFest festival.

With the help of friends, family, co-workers and classmates, Mark Jones has accomplished six consecutive festivals in a row. When you walk into the area of the LoveFest festival, you can feel an aura of genuine love. It’s very inspiring. In the words of Mark Jones, “it’s a day of LOVE in the God and a strong community. All cities and towns needs an annual festival event like this.” The LoveFest festival has not experienced any violence in all 7 years of its establishment which is a 50-50 chance when bringing that amount of people together in one festival setting.

Each year the LoveFest festival sees about 300 – 450 people with each year getting bigger and bigger. The LoveFest festival is accomplished all by grassroots and out-of-pocket money without any help from sponsors or donations each year. Some years are harder than the others with the way the economy is, but somehow it always works itself out in the end. The reward, A Day Of Genuine Love For One Another!!!

Bridging The Gap and Bringing Love Back!

LoveFest Cookout and Music Festival

Performances By:

Opal Rose – Neo-Soul Artist

Vizion feat LOV – R&B Band

Daniel Bennett – Jazz Bassist

Wordsmith – Hip Hop Artist

Tamara Bubble – Hip Hop/Pop Artist

Tizzy – Hip Hop Artist

Zamarria – R&B/Pop Artist

Spicee Poet – Spoken Word Artist

Miatta Barker – Spoken Word Artist

Menendez Group – Gospel Trio


Fun & Games



Moon Bounce

Bean Bag Toss (corn hole)

Soul Train Line

Musical Chair Bags


and more…



The LoveFest Cookout festival is an annual event that occurs each year by LoveFest festival event creator, Mark Jones. Mark Jones incorporated Dubb Spot Records & Media into the mix to add to the entertainment that occurs during the festival. The LoveFest festival brings together friends, family, co-workers, past friends, and new friends to one common place to enjoy the love of mankind in the name of God.

This is a day that you LOVE everyone no matter what.

But the MOST exciting part of the LoveFest festival is the talented artist performances. Each Year Dubb Spot Records searches for the best performing artists, musicians and bands in the area to come and perform at the Lovefest festival. Dubb Spot Media has documented 5 years of video and audio from each festival. The video and music will be used to create a LoveFest Documentary with a Bonus CD of all artist’s performances.

We Are Accepting Generous Donations For This Years LoveFest Festival.

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Named added to our sponsors list on our website.

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Named added to our sponsors list on our website. A thank you card signed by all the staff of Lovefest festival.

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Named added to our sponsors list on our website. A thank you card signed by all the staff of Lovefest festival. Your name included in all of our promotional newsletters as a sponsor of Lovefest festival. And a link back to your website if it’s a business. Name and photo incorporated in email blasts, press release, social site posts and flyers.

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All of the above mentioned during the promotion of Lovefest. A reserved table with a tent above for a party up to 5 the day of the event. Reserved parking the day of the event. Announcement on stage during the event as contributing sponsor of the LoveFest festival. Name listed in credits of the LoveFest documentary.

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All of the above during the promotion of the event, the build up to the event and the day of the event. A copy of the exclusive video from the event. A separate copy of all the music from the LoveFest festival. Announcement on stage during the event as the featured sponsor of the LoveFest festival. Note: Reserved tables will be available only if there are still a limited supply left. So lock in your pledge early.

Upcoming Festival Lovefest 2014

All pledges to the LoveFest festival will be used towards the food and drinks, preparation, soundman, extra tents, collapseable stage and all of the promotional flyers, radio ads, and food servers assistance. This will be the 8th annual LoveFest festival and we want to push the envelope. That is why we are accepting pledges several months in advance. Last year we had 350 – 400 people who attended the LoveFest festival, so all pledges will help tremendously. We are in the beginning stages of planning this event and will be updating this page often.

LoveFest Festival Team

Mark Jones: Festival Event Director

B M DuBB: Festival Entertainment Director

Johnny C: Festival Co-Entertainment Director

Dubb Spot Media: Videography

Malsack Sound: Event Sound Coordinator

LoveFest Festival Sponsors

$Undisclosed Festival Donation from Brown Tax Services

$50.00 Festival Donation from FRC –

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  1. Evi

    March 23, 2012 (00:17) Reply

    Just enjoying the 6th LoveFest Video – I’m getting the shivers because I now can imagine what we will be missing. So much variety and fantastic music and seems like endless fun! We’ll be there in our thoughts.

    Best Wishes from the FRC-All-Music team

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