WDSR Radio - Kenny Thomas InterviewWDSR Radio – Kenny Thomas Interview

WDSR: Welcome Kenny Thomas! It’s a pleasure to interview you. Let everyone know where you are from and how old you were when you first developed an interest in making music?

Alabama Kenny: Howdy and thanks… I was born by a river and raised by a cotton field in this place called Tuscaloosa, AL and that is where this thing called music started pursuing me around age 15 or even earlier.

WDSR: So tell us about Kenny Thomas. What was it like growing up as a kid in Alabama?

Alabama Kenny: As a young kid it was lovely…Family, Plum Trees, Hummingbirds, Honeysuckle, Great Music and Neighborhoods before they were called Hoods. I started appreciating life at an early age. I can remember always thinking of ways to be great. If I felt I couldn’t be great at something then I wouldn’t do it. On the other hand there is another Alabama…The Racism, Segregation, Lack of opportunities and more but it’s home…

WDSR: So I’m hearing that you not only spit rhymes but you also make the beats. That’s what’s up! So what’s easier for you and how did that come about?

Alabama Kenny: I’ve always been a writer because I started off writing poems in school so the rhyming came natural and I started making beats by playing around on my brother’s drum machines. I can’t say which is easier but I’m always doing one more than the other and it rotates.

WDSR: Let’s talk about the music. If you had to put a description on the type of music that Kenny Thomas makes, how would you describe it to someone who has never heard it before?

Alabama Kenny: It’s pure Hip-Hop with the perfect sprinkle of southern seasoning… It’s basically my thought process and my experiences mixed with music.

WDSR: So is Kenny Thomas your government and if so why not a stage name?

Alabama Kenny: It’s close to my government name but not exactly. Some people call me ‘Alabama Kenny’ so I’m kinda leaning in that direction. It’s been times when I was out of state and people would ask to see my license to prove that I was from Alabama after hearing my music so it started sticking. I just never sat down and tried to come up with a stage name or a typical so called rap name.

WDSR: Being that you live in the South is it easier to move between states to spread the word about your music?

Alabama Kenny: I can’t say that it’s easier. It’s all about what you want and how hard you are willing to work. How much will you put into your campaign? What and how much are you willing to sacrifice?

WDSR: Since the game is all about copying other styles instead of bringing quality lyrics that tell stories, what do you think needs to be brought to music to change that? WDSR Radio - Kenny Thomas Interview

Alabama Kenny: It’s a lot of amazing music and artists out here that people will miss and look over because it’s not pushed or talked about in mainstream media. I just think artists need to work harder and build their own legacy. I’m sure Prince even had to perform in some shitty spots for a while.

WDSR: If you could put together the ultimate concert with Kenny Thomas headlining and other major artists, who would you choose?

Alabama Kenny: I really rock with the underground but as far as major artists I would have to say Nas, Outkast, Jill Scott, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg & Jay Z just to name a few.

WDSR: Walk us through a typical day of what it takes for Kenny Thomas in the studio making beats to laying the verse.

Alabama Kenny: I just need to be comfortable. I usually will sit outside for a minute and enjoy the weather before I go to work in the lab. Roll up some medicine and I’m off to see the Wizard.

WDSR: This music game can be cruel man! Tell me about any lessons you have learned so far?

Alabama Kenny: “Industry Rule # 4,080… Record Company People Are Shady” – A Tribe Called Quest (R.I.P Phife Dawg)

WDSR: What new projects can we expect from you in the near future?

Alabama Kenny: I’m working on a project called ‘Unkut Vol. 2’ which will be a full LP and I’ll be producing on a lot of up and coming projects by independent and major artists so stay tuned.

WDSR: How is the indie scene in Alabama? Do they give indies a fair shake when it comes to locking down venues?

Alabama Kenny: It’s not really a scene but there is a lot of talent. I can’t stress this enough… It should be called AlaTalent… Yeah… I like that… As far as venues I don’t think underground and independent artists get enough opportunities but at the same time I will always stress that we also have to work harder and everything else will fall in place.

WDSR: For everyone that doesn’t know, let them know where they can we find your music online?

Alabama Kenny: Your Usual Suspects… Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Etc. Google – ‘Rapper Kenny Thomas’

WDSR: We ask everyone that we interview, what’s the best piece of advice that someone has ever given to you about this music game?

WDSR Radio - Kenny Thomas InterviewAlabama Kenny: I always remember being on the phone with David Banner and he kept saying “Get Your Mind Right Bruh… Get Your Mind Right… Get Your Mind Right”… Now I know why he kept saying it.

WDSR: Is there anything else that you would like to include in the closing of this interview?

Alabama Kenny: I just want to say thank you for your time and thank God for this opportunity… – The Inevitable

Good looking out on the interview! Keep making hits #salute

WDSR Radio – Kenny Thomas Interview


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