WDSR Radio MC Pollock IgnoVa Interview

WDSR Radio MC Pollock IgnoVa InterviewWDSR Radio: Welcome M.C. Pollock and IgnoVa! Let the people know where you are from.

M.C. Pollock: IgnoVa and I are from NJ. We mostly operate throughout the Tri-state area.

WDSR Radio: I noticed that you are a singer/songwriter that is also holding down a music distribution company. Tell us about that.

M.C. Pollock: Absolutely. Keep It Swanky.LLC is essentially my own personal music machine. I write, produce, mix, and promote my own music.  I embody the art I create. I also have distribution affiliates who distribute my music non-exclusively.

WDSR Radio: Do you feel that being a solo artist gives you more of an outlet with your creative abilities than being with groups?

IgnoVa: Chyea, being a solo artist is essential. Every bit of my input is shown from start to finish of the song. However never underestimate the input of others. I am a firm believer in listening to your elders and peers.
M.C. Pollock: Having worked with a lot of artists, being solo is critical. A wise man once said let the baker bake the bread. That being said, it’s been exciting to work with another motivated solo artist like IgnoVa. When two inspired heads come together, great things happen.

WDSR Radio: Seeing as though you run your own distribution, what are the steps you take when it comes to promoting a new project?

M.C. Pollock: Honestly I just try to reach as many people as possible. IgnoVa and I work hard everyday.
IgnoVa: Whatever it takes for potential new listeners.

WDSR Radio: I’m sure you share in knowing that the internet is a great avenue of getting the word out? Do you also manage your own internet presence?

M.C. Pollock: Nope.
IgnoVa: Nah, that’s what the team’s for!

Check out M.C. Pollock feat. IgnoVa latest video Thousand Times!

WDSR Radio: So we’ve had the pleasure of checking out Thousand Times feat. IgnoVa. And it’s fair to say that you produce IgnoVa?

M.C. Pollock: [Laughter] IgnoVa and I work on a regular basis.

WDSR Radio: So how does the tri-state area accept the music of M.C. Pollock and the artists worked with?

M.C. Pollock: Great! We’ve had nothing but exceptional reception. People seem to be Keeping It Swanky. WDSR Radio MC Pollock IgnoVa Interview
IgnoVa: With open arms, and my feelings, vice versa.

WDSR Radio: How often do you start projects to make available for your fans?

M.C. Pollock: We FINISH projects ASAP to reach as many of our fans as possible.
IgnoVa: Chyea yea! What he said…

WDSR Radio: What type of online buzz are you experiencing at the moment with your music?

IgnoVa: My notifications have really been through the roof, which lets me know the buzz is growing. Deeply thankful.
M.C. Pollock: Ditto. Views are increasing, we’re touching more and more people.

WDSR Radio: I see you like to dabble in different genres. What’s your favorite and why?

IgnoVa: Hip Hop all day everyday. I live, sleep, eat, and breathe hip hop. This sh** is the PASSION. As far as other genres, I have the utmost respect.
M.C. Pollock: Honestly, I’m a Pop artist. To be a Pop musician means to embody multiple genres. So as far as I’m concerned, all types of music are swank. But on the real, House, Garage, electronic, and classic Pop music are my faves.

WDSR Radio: Where can we find you doing live shows?

IgnoVa: At this point, from the tip of Connecticut to the bottom of Delaware.
M.C. Pollock: Wherever you need me! For right now, Tri-state and Maryland were most recent.

WDSR Radio: Where can we find your music? Online and offline?   

WDSR Radio MC Pollock IgnoVa InterviewIgnoVa: @DREAMSATWRK, http://facebook.com/therealignova, http://youtube.com/therealignova, http://soundcloud.com/ignova. http://Keeppositivespirit.com on the way.
M.C. Pollock: @mc_pollock, http://facebook.com/officialmcpollock, http://www.mc-pollock.com. Keep It Swanky FAM!

WDSR Radio: What advice can you give to upcoming artists that want to get involved in music?

IgnoVa: Keep hope alive. Keep positiveSpirit.
M.C. Pollock: Be yourself. Keep It Swanky.

WDSR Radio: We ask all the artists we interview, what’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given to you?

IgnoVa: Believe in yourself and absorb all criticism.
M.C. Pollock: The world is full of lazy geniuses. Keep It Swanky.

Thanks guys it is always a pleasure to interview such talented artists! Well there you have it WDSR Radio MC Pollock IgnoVa Interview.


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