WDSR Radio – YnGun Interview

WDSR Radio - YnGun InterviewWDSR: Welcome YnGun! Let the people know where you are from.

YnGun: I’m From Columbia, South Carolina and I live in a historic black neighborhood called Dutch Fork.

WDSR: That lay it down video is hot! How hard was it, if at all to make that all come together?

YnGun: Because I have put in the time as an artist grinding I got a lot of people that support me and willing to do their part to help me get to the next level. The relationships and chemistry I build with people is crazy, always good positive vibes.

WDSR: In your bio it mentions you coming from rough streets of South Carolina. Elaborate on that a little.

YnGun: Even though its a city, Columbia is very small, everybody knows everybody, and econonmics have always  hit the black community and youth hard. So like a lot of city’s and town’s nowadays, mix hopelessness with no money, and you get violence and despair. Country boys grew up with guns, so gunplay is so much easier to get involved with in the south, its part of the culture.

WDSR: Now that your music is getting that buzz, what did you have to learn and how much interaction did it take to start learning to put songs together?

YnGun: I Had To Learn Everything About This Music Business from the inside out, trial and error and YEARS of learning, and interacting with people in the industry, picking up game along the way. I learned the key is good product first off, second is consistency and timing, putting classic music out that stands the test of time, and not just ‘fad’ music.

WDSR: I see you dropped that Pioneer, your second album. How fun was that, making it all come together?

YnGun: That Pioneer Album Was An Emotional Roller Coaster For Me I Went Through Alot Of Trials And Tribulations Putting That Album Together. I’m Not Going To Say It Wasn’t Fun But It Was A Challenge Having To Balance My Personal Life And My Career At The Same Time But Prayer And The Love Of Music Made It All Come Together For Me.

WDSR: So what’s been the hardest in staying consistent in this game? How are you moving within it?

YnGun: The Hardest Thing For Me Is Creating My Own Budgets Being Independent With My Own Label With No Major Backing And No Machine Behind Me It Gets Rough But One Thing About This Music Game Is That It Can Be Duplicated So That’s What I Do I Move Like The Major Labels Move That’s How I’m Able To Stay In It.

WDSR: If I was to push play on your Apple Music account what artists would I hear streaming? What’s your taste? 

YnGun: I really don’t have a taste i’m just a music lover, but i listen to all kinds of artists from old school Too Short to B.B King. I just love music.

WDSR: If you had the opportunity to perform live and have 3 major artists open up for you, which three would you select and why?

YnGun: Well number 1 would be been Micheal Jackson because he is the greatest of all time hands down. Number 2 would be 2Pac because he’s the greatest rapper ever in my opinion. Number 3 would be Master P because he had one of the biggest indie movements I’ve ever seen.

WDSR: Is there any other thing(s) that you enjoying just as much as putting songs together and dropping albums?

YnGun: Yeah, there’s plenty things i like to do besides making music. For one i love my family i enjoy being around my wife and kids, i’m a huge sports fan i love football , my favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys…. that’s the best team in the world just to put that out there…..LOL. And i’m a dog lover and a video game junkie i stay on call of duty and that madden but other than that music is it for me.

WDSR: How big is the team behind you and all of this?

YnGun: For Me My Fans are my team and anybody rocking with me. I keep a small industry circle of real go getters but with the internet I have fans internationally as well, I have charted in Japan Top 50 hip hop charts for two years running, so my team is worldwide!

WDSR: Do you have your own production team and everything or do you like using different producers for some versatility.

YnGun: I like to work with the hungry upcoming producer and I get tracks from EVERY region of the country to keep my sound fresh for the audience I am building. I will always rep the south, but I like producers that will also expand my brand and catalog.

WDSR: So tell me about the name YnGun. What’s the story behind your name? WDSR Radio - YnGun Interview

YnGun: My Big Cousin Rig Gave Me The Name But My Wife Gave It A Meaning :  Y Nobody Give U Nothing. “YnGun” When She Created That She Created A Brand So We Ran With It.

WDSR: If someone wanted to grab some of your music, where can they find it online or offline?

YnGun: Everyone Can Go To My Website yngun.com and its also distributed at most major retail like Itunes, Amazon, Tidal and the rest….we out here.

Website | Twitter | Youtube | Soundcloud | Tumblr | Instagram

WDSR: What advice can you give to upcoming artists that want to get involved in music?

YnGun: My Advice Would Be To Stay Consistent And Make Good Music And Stay Relevant Be Ready For The Grind Because Its Hard

WDSR: We ask all the artists we interview, what’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given to you?

YnGun: Stay Consistent, perfect your craft and make classic music!

WDSR Radio – YnGun Interview We appreciate the interview YnGun!


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