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Get More Sales on iTunes

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Promotion Bundle #1 – 2400 FB Likes, On-Air Interview and 1 Track Radio Blast 350+

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Promotion Bundle #2 – Video Sidebar Promo & Front Page Artist Interview

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Promotion Bundle #3 – 20,000+ Twitter Fans, On-Air Interview and 1 Track Radio Blast 150+

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Choosing The Right Exposure…

Facebook and Twitter:

Social networking is a must for independent artists. However, there are public forums, and professionalism should not be an option but a pre-requisite. With Facebook, artists are better off with a Fan Page to promote their products in a heavy fashion. With a profile, there is always the danger of alienating others from so much promotion.

Internet Radio:

Internet Radio is definitely a great tool for independent artists. Blog Talk Radio and others have real good services. Every month, thousands of visitors tune in to hear interviews, music and spoken word from up and coming independent artists. A lot of creative people use Internet Radio to promote their music, books, etc. Some shows have literally hundreds of listeners at a time. And the good thing is that once shows are over, they are archived and available to anybody.

Networking With Other Indie Artists:

Connecting with other indie is important. Why? Because working on your own can keep you out of the loop. You need to interact with people in your industry to understand how the entire community works. Those relationships also bring artists together. When people seem to speak the same language in an industry, they present a united front. As a result, customers take them seriously and their products are judged in a much more respectful way, hence resulting in more sales.


To attract more followers, an indie must have a Website. And there is no need to be computer-savvy. Yola, Wix and Weebly are three of the best free resources on the Internet. Yola, in particular, lets you build up to five Websites with one account. So, take advantage of it!

Being an independent artist is about passion, value, choice and networking. Promoting yourself right takes work, patience and dedication. But it is worth it because the promotion results usually exceed expectations.



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      These are all BDS stations that consists of college, commercial and online radio stations.

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