The Yall Betta Recognize Radio Contest

What specifically is our radio contest? We’re glad you asked!

First a little history on the radio show and the purpose of our radio contest.

This radio contest involves coming up with the opening intro for Dubb Spot Records’ radio station WDSR – Yall Betta Recognize. Yall Betta Recognize currently is broadcasted live in Bremerhaven, Germany on WESER 90.7 FM. It’s streamed live via FM radio and worldwide internet. In association with Lady Dee’s (radio personality) Told You To radio show, both shows currently air every Saturday starting 11 am – 1 pm Eastern Standard Time. These broadcast hours are peak hours in Germany, which are 5 pm – 7 pm. The shows are brought to you by Daniela June Productions on WESER 90.7 FM. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback for both shows and these two shows are definitely in demand with listeners from all over the World. Since the demand is so high, WDSR thought it would be a good idea to cater to the requests of these loyal listeners and bring Yall Betta Recognize to Dubb Spot Records’ website. And if we scream loud enough, maybe we can syndicate a few of Lady Dee’s Told You To shows on WDSR as well.

Told You To and Yall Betta Recognize radio shows are in strong support of indie artists and musicians. Which is of course the main reason why we wanted to get the same indie artists and musicians involved in this radio contest. The station identification letters are W Dubb Spot Records radio, hence WDSR. We’ve been playing indie tracks of an urban contemporary genre for a couple of years now. Any artists music that has streamed on the show and is hot always gets a lot of rotation. So if you are serious about your music and instant exposure is what you need, these are stations that you should definitely be involved with. It’s not too many other FM radio stations that will give this same type of support to indie artists and musicians. But we do! If you haven’t had the opportunity to tune into an episode of Yall Betta Recognize, you can click the link above that says Yall Betta Recognize shows. It’ll give you an idea of the quality of music that we are always looking to broadcast on our shows.

Since Yall Betta Recognize will now be available to our loyal listeners multiple days of the week, we thought it would be fitting to include you in on the experience and have you create a radio intro, hence our radio contest. It fairly simple! You can take the opportunity to listen to the shows as mentioned above and then come up with an opening intro for the Yall Betta Recognize radio contest. I know, I know now you’re asking, “but what do I get out of all of this?” You get to experience one of the best shows on FM and internet radio… lol. No seriously we’ll get to the details shortly but you’ll actually obtain more than that. We’ve came up with some pretty good prizes for this radio contest. You can view the structure of the radio stations webpage here WDSR-Yall Betta Recognize.


  1. Get familiar with the format of Yall Betta Recognize.
  2. Within the intro it must include the words, B M DuBB, Yall Betta Recognize, WDSR and Indie Love.
  3. The radio intro must not exceed 1:00 minute.
  4. Participants in the radio contest must be an unsigned artist or musician.
  5. Participants cannot be an artist or musician currently of Dubb Spot Records.
  6. All participants must join our mailing list and like our Facebook page.
  7. Submission must be in mp3 format.
  8. Submission must include the metadata of the artist that created it. (if you don’t know what metadata is, google it).
  9. All submissions must be submitted by or before the date suggested.
  10. Submission cut off date is ONGOING.
  11. The intro must be of an urban contemporary genre ie. hip hop/rap, r&b, neo-soul.
  12. Submit all completed intros to


  • Two weeks promotion of your music video on Dubb Spot Records website
  • Heavy rotation of two of your submitted tracks to play during all radio shows (not the intro).
  • A 250+ radio station blast of two of your selected tracks. (no derogatory content or profanity).
  • Of course your intro played during the opening of each show.
  • Twitter, Facebook and Press Release promotion as the winner.


There you have it. We wish you all luck in the contest and we look forward to hearing your submissions.

Will you reign supreme in the Dubb Spot Records Intro Radio Contest?

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