Yall Betta Recognize Radio

Show Online Is Coming!!!

“That’s right the online radio version of Yall Betta Recognize”

You all know it from June Productions on WESER 90.7 FM and the demand has been high to call in and interact more with our radio show.

So with that said, we chose to make that happen and it’s happening sooner than later. We’re still in the formatting stages and screening radio DJs for the shows, but it’s on it’s way. We already have a talented DJ by the name of DJ Ian Charlton of Ian Charlton Entertainment, that will be holding down his own radio show on WDSR Yall Betta Recognize station. He’s also provided some mixes for our radio show on WESER 90.7 FM. Of course he jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the radio online version of the show.

Of course we’ll still have you rocking out to some of the hottest independent artists from all over the World. It’s still nothing but indie love, all day, every day. The only change is our show will not be limited to once a week and for an hour. How does 24/7 sound? Is It possible? I guess you will have to just tune in to see right? The possibilities are endless and we’re excited. We hope you are too. There will be all kinds of goodies for you the listener like being able to earn royalty points and redeeming them in the royalty store for merchandise, live radio interviews, hip hop/rap competitions, interact with live listeners in the chatroom and more. Like it was said before, we’re still formatting things but we’re close to finalizing everything.

We are lookin for indie tracks for our station in the following genres:

Hip Hop/Rap




Smooth Jazz

Urban Pop

More genres will be added from new DJs.

You can submit your tracks and drops to sendtrax@gmail.com. Here’s a sample of a drop we are accepting:

“This is ___________ (name) from _____________ (state/country) and I’m getting my music fix in the mix with WDSR, Yall Betta Recognize radio show. It’s A Dubb Spot Thang… Yall Betta Recognize.”

Or anything of that nature as long as it includes

“WDSR Yall Betta Recognize” and “A Dubb Spot Thang.”

You can search our website at WDSR – Yall Betta Recognize

to find out more details about the online version of Yall Betta Recognize radio show.

We appreciate you Fam! Let’s keep that Indie Love poppin’ on Indie Radio.


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